Workshop on the ways the Smartphone can be hacked

We spend lot of money and time on our smart phones, this is the reason that our reliance is increasing day by day on the phones. Be it banking, travelling, shopping or entrainment, there is no part of the life left out which is not affected by the smart phones. IT is the reason why now day’s hackers are targeting our Smartphone to just to get all our valuable information.

There was a workshop organized at Mangalmay Institute of Management & Technology, G.Noida to make them aware about all these techniques so that they can ensure the security of their Smartphone.

Few of Them Are :-

1. Ransom ware : Thousands of windows computers around the world were hit with the ransom ware , few months before only. Here it asked the users to pay $300 through bitcoin within 3 days else all user’s data will be lost. While this was on PC, experts say an Android version also exists.

Precautions : Ransom ware can be hidden in PDF, Documents files, Video-clips and even images also. So make sure not to download files off social media apps like whatsApp. Before downloading any file, make sure that you know the sender.

2. Buggy Apps : A software security firm found a dangerous bug that had attached itself to regular applications like games or other software. It was so dangerous that the firm advised people to dispose their phones rather then remove the virus from phones.

Precautions : Do not download the applications that are not on the official Android stores.

3. WI-FI Hacking :  If someone log on the open networks then also the virus may attack on your phone.

Precautions : Never log on via an unidentified network.

4. Mobile Malware : Hackers may target your mobiles via malwares.

Precautions : Do not install apps from unknown sources.

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