Ethics and Human Values

A workshop was organized On “Ethics and Values” at Mangalmay Institute Of Management and Technology

The Summary of the workshop is given below:

Correlation of Ethics and Human Values

Ethics and human values exist in each and every person’s life that directs and influence the behavior of the people in one or the other way. All the characteristics of these values are correlated in such a manner that all these terms used simultaneously. Every individual frames his own values which is very much influenced by his or her surroundings according to his discrimination between what is right and what is bad, he or she behaves accordingly.

Why Ethics and Human Values in Business Organizations

Scandals are now been a part & parcel of corporate world. In fact, no other aspect of life continuously & consistently propagates ethics & transparency as corporate do. Some recent examples of violating corporate governance are IPL, Satyam, Bhopal gas tragedy etc. These misleading or fakeness created by the big business houses makes false impression to the company by any means. Therefore only implication of corporate governance in corporate world is not sufficient unless and until it is accompanied by the ethics and human values in the modern business organizations.

Ethics and Human Values in the VBM

In the modern business organizations where VBM has proved a most appropriate approach in enhancing the value of the firm and explored by many scholars, it will be more appropriate if the human values and ethics, which is in dark area right now because of the globalization, cross cultural combinations are taking place but which may hinder the path of development if it is not taken as the part of the organization and not only cross culture but also national cultural beliefs and values should be treated as part and parcel to enhance the value in real terms.



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