Why MBAs in HR More Successful

Well, there has been a time, when every 3rd person we come across is an MBA, and now as well. Every Parent wants his/her child to do MBA and every student wants to pursue MBA as perceived in the industry and Corporate World, it gives an edge to anyone. Even working professionals who are just graduate by qualification, they also pursue a distance learning MBA course from reputed universities.


So, let me talk about MBA in HR today. Management in Business Administration in Human Resource Management. What is it?

  • Human means the workforce that is involved in an organization.
  • Resource means the limited availability.
  • Management means the proper utilization of limited workforce.

So, Human Resource Management is a process of hiring and developing the employees according to the organization. It is a challenging and stimulating programmer of management.

The students usually think, why to do MBA in HR, there is no scope. In fact, to share with you, one of my friends, has been such a people’s person, but was confused to take up MBA in HR. And today, he is well paid and quite successful in his field of HR. And he passed out from one of the best college for MBA in Greater Noida with a good percentage. You should always check out best MBA colleges in NCR and then decide.

Career prospects for MBA in HR Holders

  • The job of training and development manager is a popular fit for MBA in HR degree holders
  • They design, develop and implement training plans and professional development programs for the corporate workforce they support.
  • Like all other specialists, HR specialist who has developed influential industry contacts, developed networking skills and possess business knowledge in an industry, often move into the position of Director – Recruitment. These people use their business communication skills to conduct effective candidate screening interviews.
  • Risk Manager – HR professionals in this area often set labor disputes, enabling the dissemination of Company’s safety policies and reducing company’s liability from labor issues.

MBA (HR) is a two year PG degree program for a graduate. In simple words, it helps manage employees in an organization.

Elements of MBA in HR

  • This program not only is intensive but also challenging in nature. Thus, helps develop necessary skills to serve a strategic role in HR domain in future.
  • Business skills of leadership, communication, teamwork a double decision making.
  • Reflection upon your experiences along with others in multi-cultural environment and team.

MBA in HR includes the functional areas such as people and organizational development, personal administration, employee relations, recruitment & selection, training and development, human resource planning.

Scope of MBA in HR

  • It’s a very demanding profession as it is the most important part of any organization. So, it’s need is increasing day by day.
  • You can avail number of jobs with higher salary packages in India and abroad.
  • The job opportunities are increasing globally in this field.

MBA in HR facilitates the students to develop the general management skills in the first year and the learning about HR practices in second year.

Some specialized fields are:-

  • Labour Relations
  • Motivation
  • Training and Development
  • Recruitment and Selection
  • Social security and Labour welfare.
  • Industrial Relations
  • Compensation and Benefits

Some of the job positions/ designations in the field are below-

  • Staffing Director
  • Employee Relations Manager
  • Placement Manager
  • Organizational Development and Change Consultant
  • Technical Recruiter
  • Compensation Manager
  • HR Specialist
  • Director-HR Training and Development.

To conclude, the field of HR is specialized and offers opportunities to use great interpersonal skills in their positions and also earn competitive salaries. These professionals after a certain level, can and do start their own HR consulting as an Entrepreneur.

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