Civil Engineering or Mechanical Engineering

Every engineering domain has its own importance and features and work together most of the times for completing a task or a project. When seen separately, it is observed that they have their own work territory and the work that they do is different from the others.


It heavily depends upon an individual’s area of interest regarding what branch to choose. The top civil engineering college in greater noida, Delhi NCR welcomes students who have cleared the entrance exam with flying colors and it’s quite easy to witness a major lot opting for civil and mechanical engineering.

For a serious student, it becomes very important to get admitted in one of the top mechanical engineering college in greater noida in order to ensure that you receive quality guidance in both theory and practical sessions.

Often, there have been comparisons between different engineering branches regarding how better one is from the other and are generally proposed for the core branches (civil, electrical and mechanical). Here is one such detailed comparison between the two engineering giants- civil and mechanical. Having read this you would definitely get a clear cut idea of how one differs from the other and in what respects.

  • Civil Engineering is based upon building and development of infrastructure. The process includes structure design, inventory requirements, testing and a thorough study of environmental and physical conditions of an area before starting the work. The structures include roads, buildings, bridges, towers, etc. Mechanical Engineering on the other hand is focused upon design and invention of machinery. The machinery may be a small tool or a giant mechanical equipment or machine. Examples of such include lifts, automobiles, trains, etc.
  • Civil Engineering projects are of a longer span and may require even years to complete. Development and expansion of metro rail is an example of a long term civil engineering project. On the other hand, mechanical engineering projects are of short duration but very specific and precise.
  • The projects in civil engineering involve a large team including engineers, supervisors, support staff and ground workers. All work together to bring a project to a successful end. Mechanical Engineering projects houses a comparatively smaller team mainly including a few experts and engineers along with a couple of helping workers (if required).
  • Civil Engineering projects are giant and static and are meant to carry heavy load and stress. Thus, a civil engineer must ensure that all the factors are well taken care of before starting the work. He must ensure that the project is stable enough to carry the available loads. Mechanical Engineering projects are in the form of machinery with moving parts or the entire body capable of moving. The loads that these machinery bear are way less than those involved in civil engineering.
  • The remunerations that a civil engineer receive on an average in slightly lesser than a mechanical engineer. This isn’t a big deal as the difference is not so considerable.
  • With civil engineering, you have the opportunity of creating structural masterpieces with the application of your skills and creativity that’ll be beneficial for the society. As a mechanical engineer, one has the capability of bringing about technical advancements and an improvement in the work process in order to enhance system efficiency.
  • Civil Engineering is meant to bring about social development-something that could benefit the major portion of the community. Mechanical Engineering, in a way, is meant to make life easier and comfortable.


Till now, one would be clear about what actually the two niches strive for. To add to this, the investments in civil engineering projects are way higher than the mechanical engineering projects. Apart from these differences, the importance of the two lies intact and one can opt of any one of his/her choice from the best B.Tech College in Greater Noida and NCR.

The advantage of opting for the top B.Tech colleges in Noida, Greater Noida or NCR is that here you get ample opportunities for internships and summer trainings from reputed institutes or industries so you need not wander here and there for the same. Also, being at the industrial hub, the chances of getting a handsome job also increases multiple folds.

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