MBA is currently the most popular and globally recognized professional degree in the world. MBA or Master of Business Administration is a degree of high value that develops the skills essential to build a career in Business and Management. MBA degree teaches you to successfully manage, organize, lead and adapt to diverse business environments. It prepares a candidate to follow the career in the business world by offering theoretical knowledge and practical skills.

Thriving Career Opportunities

MBA course helps a student in learning various skills that are essential to have a successful career. This course has multiple benefits such as:

• Building skills in the areas of Business Management and Leadership.
• Leads the way to global opportunities for your career growth.
• Offers practical opportunities via group assignments, internships and individual projects.
• Allows a candidate to start an independent business after gaining the knowledge and skills that an MBA course offers.
• Polishes a variety of soft-skills like motivation communication, and negotiation.
• The curriculum of this course offered by Top MBA colleges in Greater Noida imparts a theoretical knowledge of the business concepts.

Candidates of MBA program have higher chances of acquiring high-level management positions in different organizations. A recent survey says that more than 50 % of the MBA graduates are Board Directors or Senior Managers worldwide. Also, these positions offer a high salary and advantages as compared to other positions in a firm.

Course Duration

MBA is a traditional 2-year program in Top MBA colleges in Greater Noida; however, one year program is also becoming popular. Part-time and distance learning MBA programs are also available in Best MBA colleges in NCR for professionals who are unable to attend college or attend lectures for a year or two and do a full-time program.

MBA Course Fees

The fees of MBA course depends on the college or business school you have opted for your studies. To pursue an MBA course with an affordable price you must search a college from Best MBA colleges in NCR.

However, generally good MBA courses are expensive and that’s why many students fund their MBA costs through education loans that students can easily get from a bank. Also, if you perform really well in your entrance exams, you can also earn scholarships for your course that will minimize your fee.

MBA Specializations

You can opt for different specialization and choose one subject for your MBA. All the MBA programs have a core curriculum of subjects such as marketing, operations, economics etc.

Some common specializations in MBA are:

• MBA in Accounting
• MBA in Human Resources Management
• MBA in Finance
• MBA in Marketing
• MBA in Economics
• MBA in Information Technology
• MBA in Leadership
• MBA in International Business (IB)
• MBA in Operation Management
• MBA in Healthcare Management
• MBA in Rural Management
• MBA in Supply Chain Management

Higher Salary

An MBA graduate can expect higher salary packages from the start of their career, whereas a regular master’s degree candidate has to work for some years to get a good salary package. An MBA graduate with no experience can easily earn up to 3 to 4 lakhs per annum. However, there is no bar for a candidate with talent and skills, and after winning some experience; you can get lucrative salary offers in prominent organizations.

Be an Entrepreneur

In today’s competitive world, every other person wants to leave his or her job and start a business. New businesses are growing every day in spite of the presence of cut-throat competition in every field today. This is also one of the major reasons why students go for an MBA degree. This course helps them in learning how to run a business and be a successful entrepreneur. The MBA course helps one in attaining the knowledge and business practices that are required to start a business and take it to the heights.