Biotechnology uses Biology to develop technologies and various products to improve the health and quality of life for human beings. Technologies are developed by harnessing the cellular and bio molecular processes. The biological processes are being used by humans for nearly 6000 years to produce products like Bread, cheese, and cosmetics. It has also been in use to preserve dairy products. B.Sc. Biotech College in Greater Noida offers the courses in Biotechnology. The modern Biotechnology has been able to achieve breakthroughs and come out with products that combat tough, debilitating and rare diseases. Biotechnology has made a big difference in the three major fields of healing, fuel, and food.

Healing the world with Biotechnology

By understanding the genetic structure in animals and humans, Biotechnology is able to harness the toolbox provided by nature to heal. It is able to use this knowledge to

  • Improve the odds of curing life-threatening conditions and rare diseases that are affecting the lives of millions around the globe.
  • Minimize the spread of infectious diseases
  • Improving treatments which are better suited to the individual patients and also have much lesser side effects.
  • Insulin that is genetically engineered leads to sufficient availability of insulin to manage adult-onset diabetes.
  • Provide tools such as ELISA and PCR to precisely detect diseases.
  • Striving to find more effective drugs to treat serious ailments that threatens thousands of lives in the developing world.
  • Production of recombinant vaccines through genetic engineering helping combat diseases like Hepatitis.
  • Gene therapy which involves correction of genetic defect and helps correct many conditions that help in the normal growth of a child.

Providing Fuel in innovative ways

Using the natural processes like fermentation and technology biocatalysts like enzymes and microbes are harnessed and used as manufacturing plants to produce fuel. Biotechnology helps in

  • Optimizing the stages in chemical manufacturing and improving the efficiency up to 80%.
  • It helps in saving approx. $1.4 billion annually by facilitating cleaning of clothes at lower temperatures.
  • Improving and making the manufacturing process more efficient which helps in cost saving up to 50%.
  • Reducing the dependence on petrochemical products through innovation.
  • Renewable ingredients are now being used through biotechnology in many household and personal care products which used petroleum till now.
  • Replacing fossil fuels with biofuels which have significantly reduced the emission of greenhouse gases.
  • Fermentation of ethanol, butanol and other fuels through engineered and enhanced microorganisms.
  • Reduction in need of water for usage.
  • Reduction of waste generation.
  • Utilizing traditional biomass waste for productive purpose thus saving cost and eliminating waste.
  • Opening up the sector for employment. Students from top B.Sc. Biotech College in Greater Noida can easily find good placements in the biotechnology field.
  • Biotechnology to aid in improving Food.

Biotechnology helps in improving the resistance of plants towards pests through genetic engineering. New improved varieties are made available for higher yield of superior quality.

Biotechnology is useful in the three sectors of agriculture

1. Agriculture that is based on agrochemicals.
2. Agriculture based on genetically engineered crops.
3. Organic agriculture.

Biotechnology through research finds better farming practices that are environmentally friendly and sustainable for a long time. Some of the results of using Biotechnology in food production are

  • Production of food that is free from allergens such as pollens, 2S albumin, certain proteases etc.
  • And toxins like lectins, glycosides, mycotoxins etc.
  • Improved crop varieties that require the lesser use of pesticides and reduce tilling of land.
  • Improved varieties of food that are rich in nutrients and vitamins to overcome malnutrition and vitamin deficiencies.
  • Reduce the use of chemical fertilizers which pollute the soil and environment.
  • Improved efficiency of mineral utilization by plants to prevent erosion of soil quality.
  • Reducing the post-harvest losses.
  • Using GM tailor-made plants are created for use in industry as an alternative resource like starch, pharmaceuticals, fuel etc.


Biotechnology has created a third wave in biological science. It is the perfect example of how science transforms gradually and subtly into technology. Biotechnology is divided broadly into Gene biotechnology and Non-genetic biotechnology. The best B.Sc. Biotech College in Greater Noida offers courses in both streams of biotechnology. The Biotechnology is growing rapidly and is expected to play a vital role enhancing the quality of our life. The potential is immense and with time great things are expected from it.

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