What can I do after BCom?

Completing the graduation degree is considered to be one of the most crucial steps towards a successful career. If you find the best B.Com College in Noida, chances are that college management will be able to provide you with the required guidance and counseling for your career options. However, there are students from B.Com college in NCR who are unable to get their hands on proper knowledge regarding the selection of their career. Therefore this article focuses on letting you know about the various fields that you can opt after completing your B.Com Degree. So without any further let’s get started.

Pursue M.Com

This is perhaps one of the most preferred choices of B.Com graduates. If you are also someone who has just completed his/her B.Com degree, you can for a master degree by pursuing M.Com. You can easily find various reputed colleges that offer this degree and also provide the option of campus placement as you complete your post graduation degree. However, keep in mind that you need to do proper research before getting admission to an M.Com college. There are various websites that provide a comprehensive list of different colleges so that you can have a complete idea before making your final decision.

Go for Banking Jobs

BCom graduates also have the option of going into the banking sector and this can prove to be advantageous because of the kind of jobs available in this field. Various surveys have reflected that a majority of people hold a liking when it comes to pursuing banking jobs. This might be the result of the high school opportunities as well as decent working environment provided by banking jobs. For this, you should start preparing for the entrance exams of banks so that you can get the job in one go.

Prepare For Civil Services

Civil services also provide a huge variety of jobs and are known to be highly preferred by B.Com graduates. The reason for this is the job security people find in civil service jobs along with the reputation. However, it should be very clear that cracking these exams isn’t a piece a cake as the difficulty level is significantly good.

Apart from this, a huge amount of competition makes it even tougher to get these jobs because of lakhs of candidates applying every year and only a handful of them getting through. With the proper guidance and hard work, you can make your way to the top and can certainly get the kind of job you require. The key point is to not lose the hope and stay focused throughout the time of your preparation of civil services exam.

Pursue MBA

MBA admissions are also open for B.Com graduates and studies suggest that there is a huge proportion of B.Com graduates going for MBA. Becoming an MBA graduate leaves you with a huge variety of jobs options to choose from because of the developed skill set. You can be easily welcomed by a number of MNCs and can manage to earn a decent salary.

The important thing to keep in mind is to choose the field in which you want to pursue your MBA degree. This choice should be made very carefully as it decides the kind of field you will be working in along with deciding your range of salary. If you’re not very certain regarding what to choose, there are options like career counseling that help you clear that confusion by providing you proper guidance.

Become An Entrepreneur

In case, all of the above options don’t make you feel like they’re made for you, entrepreneurship always has its gates open for you. If you’re someone who’s always had a dream of owning a start-up, now is the time to work on that dream.

However, it is to be kept in mind that entrepreneurship requires team efforts and coordination so it becomes clear that you’ll have to learn how to work in a team. In this past few years, India has successfully given birth to a number of successful start-ups and the fun thing to know is that most of them didn’t start with a huge investment. But you can’t ignore the fact that any successful start-up is built on the ground of the sheer hard work of its team members.

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