As we all know that these days quite a lot of advancements is there in the technology, earlier going back to late 80’s anyone carrying cell phone was a prestige issue as it was a costly item to carry. Whereas now we see that every person in house has got either single or double cell phone and is cheaper to afford. This advancement and phenomenal growth  has taken place only in the last few years.

With the growth in very large scale integration design, the number of applications of integrated circuits  in high performance computing , controls, telecommunications, image and video processing and consumer electronics has been rising at a very fast pace. In earlier days integrated circuits had only few components on a single chip compared to the present state of VLSI. As the demand increased the devices became more complex and heavy, but slowly with the advancement from small scale integration where on a single chip few 100 of components were mounted to the present state where billions of components are suitably adjusted on a single chip with reduced size and less cost is great achievement.

The current cutting edge technologies such as high resolution and low bit rate video and cellular communication provide the users a marvellous amount of applications , processing power and portability. This trend is expected to grow rapidly, with very important implications on VLSI design.

This incredible growth has come from steady miniaturization of transistors and improvements in manufacturing process. Most other fields of engineering involve trade offs between performance, power and price. However as transistor becomes smaller ,they also become faster, dissipate less power and are cheaper to manufacture. This synergy has revolutionized not only electronics, but also society at large. The industry has manufactured so far more than 100 million transistors for every human being on planet. Thousands of engineers have made their fortune in this field.

B.Tech students these days working hard in Electronics engineering to work into the field of VLSI and nanotechnology as an advance course to match up with the upcoming technology. We have lot of companies for B.Tech (Electronics & Communication ) which are working on VLSI. Few of them are Intel, Nvidia, Qualcomm, Samsung, Texas Instruments (TI) etc.

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