why engineers choose to do MBA

It has become a normal practice for science students to seek admission in best engineering college in Greater Noida and other cities and after successfully completing the degree, aim for an admission in IIM to get a degree in management. An increasing number of engineering students are scoring 100 percentile in CAT entrance exam. Why has MBA become so important to engineering students? Is it the job prospect, social status, a jewel in their crown, or all of the mentioned reasons? Let us take a look at the top reasons why engineering students choose to do MBA after the completion of engineering degree.

Easy and Quick way to climb the corporate ladder

Engineering is a technical field the growth can end at a certain level in the organization. The higher executive is taken by the management people. By getting an MBA degree it becomes easier for the engineer to grow and enter the management level at a much faster pace.

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Combined technical and functional approach

When a problem at the workplace is presented to an engineer and an MBA, they both look at the problem from different perspectives. The engineer analyzes the data whereas the MBA assess the business and management outcome. Both the approaches are right in their own way. If an engineer is also MBA qualified then it is a valuable asset to the company. Management tends to prefer them over either an engineer or MBA.

Developing Managerial skills

The engineer has acquired a deep understanding of technical aspects of the work. His mind is strengthened to think scientifically and be analytical. By doing MBA he is exposed to the real world problems and gets to understand the role of the human element in the business venture. He is able to acquire the skill sets in time management, enterprise management, communication and human resource management. This becomes very valuable to be successful in management.

Personality Development

MBA helps the engineering graduate to develop their personality. They participate in group discussions, presentations, industry visits, and projects. This helps them in improving their personality as they become more self- confident, acquire good communication skill and people’s skill.

Access to significant business network

MBA students have a great opportunity for networking. The MBA student gets to interact with professors, teaching staff and visiting faculty in the context of business management which accentuates the business skills. They also gain access to the abundant alumni network of the specific MBA program.  Most of them are former or current business people.

This helps in building a sizable network and possibly great opportunities. This also helps the person to know of the changes happening in the business world which is very valuable.

Become an Entrepreneur

With a good technical knowledge, MBA is the right course for those who want to be entrepreneurs as they learn how to run a successful business both from the technical and business aspects. Even if they are not ready to start a business soon after completion of MBA. They can easily get placement in the middle-level management of reputed companies which helps them gain very valuable business experience. Once they are ready they can start their own business and grow it successfully.

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The specializations connected to MBA teach in depth about everything that will make your business click.

  • Best ways to manufacture, promote and market your products
  • Financial management and key parameters to control
  • Improve and sustain the company’s image
  • Guidance on how to Compile and analyze the industry data
  • Hiring the right people and keeping them motivated
  • Create the right hierarchy that aids in the growth of the company
  • Prepare to make tough calls when the occasion arises.

Potential Job profiles for B.E/ B.Tech with MBA

  • Required to find solutions to abstract technical problems.
  • Data-modelling for massive corporations.
  • Handling ambiguous problems pertaining to business rather than working in a technical environment.


Pursuing MBA after completing engineering is a good move. It helps build personality and business acumen. The growth prospects become brighter and the climbing up the corporate ladder is easier and takes short time. With the in-depth technical knowledge gained through best engineering college in NCR and honing the management skills through MBA helps in developing a successful entrepreneur. It also helps the person build an extensive and valuable business network which will be of great help.