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Selecting a specialization in MBA is as important as making any other career decision. After Bachelors and when you start to pursue Masters, it is vital to have clarity about your interests and your capabilities to aid you to make the best career decisions. While there are many courses under MBA, we have listed the best 5 specialized courses which can assist you to realize your passion and dreams.

  1. Finance

It is a notion that MBA in Finance only leads to investment banking firms. Finance sector offer numerous opportunities in the Corporate sector and can shoot you up to prestigious positions in any company. Financial analysts are imperative for any firm for strategic planning, management and for securing day to day decisions. If you are competent in calculations and managing balance sheets and possess the analytical skills, MBA in Finance will be a better option. You can bag relevant job profiles such as Cash Managers, Risk and Insurance Managers, Credit Managers, Management Consultants, Bankers, Auditors, Chief Financial Officers, etc.

  1. Marketing

Marketing is one of the most admired specializations among the MBA Graduates in India. It is a hard core front end job, which provides brilliant exposure and a stepping ladder to stand tall amongst the world leaders. People, who have excellent communication skills, understand how to utilise resources and if have the capability to market a comb to a bald person, Marketing is the most suitable course. Marketing job means accruing lot of responsibilities and pressure to achieve the prescribed targets. MBA in Marketing has a wide array of jobs and students can entrap a relevant position with dignified pay scale. Most of the CEO in the multinational companies reign from the field of Marketing. They can cash in relevant job posts by MBA in Marketing from Top MBA College in NCR. MBA in Marketing can lead to securing the position of Brand managers, Project managers, Sales manager, Chief marketing officer, Market research analyst, Area or Zonal manager, etc.

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  1. Operations

MBA in Operations equips the students to deal with production management or floor management. It will help in understanding how to maintain the inter-departmental relationships. Every company requires employees in Operations to ensure smooth business operations. It opens up opportunities for people in fields of Supply chain management, Quality control, Logistics, Inventory control, Production planning and prepares to deal with the challenges.

For IT background Graduates, MBA in Information Technology is aptest solution. There are many software engineers who pursue MBA after gaining initial experience of 2 to five years. Pursuing MBA in IT opens up brilliant opportunities for them. The Bachelor course helps in preparing with skills of programming, language etc. MBA in IT aids in bagging jobs of an Analyst. Job opportunities for MBA in IT are Business analyst, Business development manager, Project manager, QA manager etc.

  1. Human Resource

MBA in Human resource course assists in hatching the better insight about the organizations and it provides a platform to handle major decision-making process of the company. The job is to manage the employees, recruitment, deciding compensation of employees, salary, induction programs, and training. This is the evergreen sector, as HR is required in every company and it is one of the better paid jobs. If you are good in working with people and have great interpersonal skills, MBA in HR is apt for you. In India, right now going by the economic growth, there are numerous openings for people who are interested in human resource department and there are plenty of colleges that offer the course. While India is heading towards the idea of start-ups, it brings better opportunities for fresher’s to pursue an MBA in human resources and help the micro sectors to propagate. While the management board is busy making key decisions for the company, HR takes care of the welfare of the employees. Students will have access to better job opportunities as HR manager, Senior HR manager, HR director, VP of Operations etc.

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MBA in all major subjects provides better role and better positions in the Corporate sector and can help in getting the prestigious roles in organizations. Enquire about the Best MBA College in NCR and apply for the subjects as per interests and subject. It provides ample opportunities in Managerial rank and the distinguished students are shortlisted in On Campus Selection.


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