top 5 most popular MBA specialization

An MBA is a coveted degree as a range of career options are available before graduates as this degree program provides an opportunity to the student to specialize in various fields such as Finance, Marketing, Human Resources, Operations and Technology. The initial phase of an MBA program is designed to build a strong foundation of the basic concepts across the various management subjects. In the latter part of the program one can choose to specialize in a particular area.

There may be numerous factors that influence your decision regarding the area you wish to specialize in. Let us take a quick look at the career options after an MBA with specializations in Marketing, Finance, Human Resources, Operations, and Technology and Interesting glimpses of some engaging job avenues like what are the industries that offer rewarding careers to these MBAs, what are the job descriptions and the popular companies.

Some of Interesting glimpses of top 5 most popular MBA specialization are as following:

  1. Marketing

MBAs from the Marketing stream are even more sought after than they were in good times earlier as it is believe better marketing is the panacea that companies have prescribed for themselves to ward off the ills of recession in current scenario.  Career progress and salary of MBAs in Marketing depend on their capacity to innovate and is meant for leaders being hard core front end job. MBA in marketing offers fast paced career full of challenges and growth opportunities to reach to top level positions in the field of sales and marketing.

Job Descriptions

MBA aspirants in marketing need to have excellent communication skills resource mobilization skills and undying skills to make to top level position with job opportunity in various industries such as retail, banking, hospitality, media, Advertising, IT and ITES and FMCG. Jobs in marketing field are available with titles such as marketing manager, product manager, brand manager, sales manager, market research analyst, media planner, and Internet marketing manager.

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  1. Finance

A specialization in finance gives you the theoretical and practical knowledge in various finance related areas like international finance, investment management, taxation, tax planning, financial statement reporting and analysis, and insurance management. These insight give you a clear perspective of the responsibilities and open up career opportunities in various sectors including banking and financial services. Professionals in the finance sector usually take home fatter and juicier pay cheques compared to their peers in other industries. The closer you get to a money management role, the more you’ll make for yourself. This is one of the reasons that make careers in finance a hot favourite among MBA students.

Job Description

A lot of MBA aspirants hope to land a high-paying post-MBA job in banking and financial services , investment banking, corporate finance, private equity, Insurance management, management consulting, wealth management, hedge fund management , forex  management and related fields which are looked upon as the top ROI (Return on investment) options by many. Some of prominent job titles available to an MBA in Finance include Finance manager , financial analyst, credit analyst, accounting manager, risk and insurance manager, treasurer, finance manager, cash manager, chief financial officer, VP (finance) and finance director.

  1. Human Resource

MBA in HR (Human Resource) is one of the most sought after specializations of management programs being challenging yet stimulating course of management field.  MBA in HRM aims to develop the general management skills like organizational behavior, communication skills, foundations of human resource management etc. Human Resource Management is the process of recruiting, training and developing the employees according to the organizational needs. It deals in human psychology, verbal and non verbal communications, stress management, anger management and other areas related to manpower. MBA in HRM involves the specialised training program related to human management like strategies for recruitment, selection process, hiring of employees, on boarding, talent acquisition, training and retention of employees.

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Job Description

In spite of all the automation that we see inaroundin, there is still time before machines will take over from humans. With MBA in Human Resources management one can look at jobs in recruitment, compensation structuring, training and a host of other human resource management roles. Some of the prominent job titles in this field are HR Generalist, Technical Recruiter, Compensation Manager, Employee Relations Manager and director of HR Training & Development.

  1. Operations

Operations management is becoming more and more popular among b-school aspirants, and the number of MBAs in this specialization is going up. Operations Management deals with the entire operation of a business organization like maintaining process flows develop vendor and inter-departmental relationships, do ancillary management and shop floor management. Its scope includes purchase, marketing, finance, advertisement, public relations, sales and others.

Job Description

MBA Operations open up career opportunities in the fields of material and supply chain management, quality control, logistics, inventory control, and production planning and improvement, sales operations, vendor management. As the name suggests, operations managers ensure the smooth processes and smooth implementation of projects. MBAs in Operations are usually hired for role of operation manager, supply chain manager, logistics manager, inventory control manager and project managers. They are also given charge of delivery, fulfillment and returns.

  1. Information Technology

Information Technology (IT) is one of the most popular subjects of specialization for those who have IT background as a software engineer. IT Management teaches you the various dimensions of Information Technology and gives you an insight to all the wings of IT like software, hardware and networking.

Job Description

MBAs in Information Technology  are give role  as Information systems managers, systems analysts , chief technology officers , project manager, business development executive/manager, product manager, marketing manager, analytics manager, system manager, data processing manager, business analyst, and IT manager  & consultant.  Non-IT Job titles include technical program manager, senior product manager, and technical product manager.

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MBA specialization basically depends on your personality, skills, and career goals. The traditional fields of Marketing and Finance will always remain popular. Those who prefer to crunch with numbers and have background with balance sheet will do well with finance specialization. Those who love to interact with clients and are creative and innovative can opt for marketing as their specialization. Operations is best for those having technical or engineering backgrounds and Human Resources is job for those who can mobilize employees and continuously inspire them.

“Mangalmay” MBA program will develop essential business skills, knowledge and experience to give you an advantage in business and industry. Depending upon your priority, you may choose a field as per the market demand (job availability), your interest area, preferred job profiles and the compensation package. The internship opportunities serve as the testing ground for you to know what suits you the best.

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