Top 10 MBA programs

There are various management subjects which can be selected by a student while taking admission in MBA course. These programs are designed to build a strong foundation of the basic concepts of that particular field. However, you should choose a program as per your interest, skills and market demand.

Let’s take a look at the Top 10 MBA programs offered by business schools:

1. MBA in Marketing

MBA in Marketing offers a vibrant career to the students. While studying MBA in Marketing in the Top MBA College in Noida, a student gets to study other important business aspects such as consumer behavior, market behavior, business plans, aspects of advertising etc.

2. MBA in Finance

MBA in finance is the most common opted subject by the students pursuing MBA. Finance is a subject that prepares a management student to handle various aspects of a business such as Capital Management, Budgeting, Costing and International finance.

3. MBA in Human Resource

MBA in Human Resource is another common program that many students opt for their MBA course. This program helps a studying in developing their communication skills and overall personality that helps then conquer the business world. A candidate becomes ready to manage the operations of an organization after gaining a degree in MBA in human resource from Mangalmay Institute of Greater Noida which is considered as the Best MBA College in Greater Noida.

4. MBA in Information Technology (IT)

The students having a technical background generally go for an MBA in Information Technology; however, anyone can go for as the career prospects are very bright. A student learns about designing and executing new information and Communications Technologies in the business.
Students study subjects such as System Analysis and Design, Computer Security, Information Technology Infrastructure, Legal and Ethical Business Practices etc.

5. MBA in International Business (IB)

MBA in International Business helps a student in understanding the international operations of an organization and helps in developing skills that are required for the same. MBA in International Business is offered by many colleges including the Top MBA College in Noida.

6. MBA in Health Care Management

MBA in Health Care Management program trains students in the core business skills that are in terms of the healthcare business. The main focus of their program is usually on the hospital administrators and medical practice managers etc. One can apply to various fields after gaining a degree in MBA in Health Care Management such as Diagnostic Laboratory Chains, Market Research Organizations, Medical Tourism Companies, Wellness Centers etc.

7. MBA in Supply Chain Management

MBA in supply chain management includes various aspects of a business such as transportation of a variety of materials needed, warehousing, inventory management etc. A candidate studies various subjects such as Logistics and Supply Strategy, International Logistics and Global Supply Chain Management, Supply Chain Models, Logistics and Transportation etc.

8. MBA in Rural Management

MBA in Rural Management has become quite popular among students who are pursuing an MBA degree. A student is trained to handle the rural management of different areas.

9. MBA, Consulting

MBA in Consulting has become another favorite choice of many students these days. A candidate easily lands high profile jobs with high salary packages after earning a degree in MBA in consulting.
A consultant is needed for every organization to who can provide opinion and have experts in various business matters of the organization or handle different projects.

10. MBA in Operation Management

MBA in Operation Management trains a candidate in managing the Production Management and process flows of a company. Operation Management is offered by most of the business schools including the Best MBA College in Greater Noida.

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