Tips To Choose Great MBA College



Are you Thinking of doing an MBA! There is no comparison when it comes your success, as no other qualification can prove the employer that you know how to run a strategic business. An MBA program is more than a quality mark, as most of disproportionate number of world’s business fliers, thriving entrepreneurs and effective consultants have those three letters after their name (MBA). Its shows that the bearer has spent time exploring the facets of business from finance to HR, to sustainability to innovation.

MBAs share ideas with the most diverse thinkers in the world and build life-long networks of though leaders as their qualifications enable them to do things they could never have imagined. An MBA will give you platform to rely on for the rest of life as its excellent way of enhancing career trajectory, personal development and leadership skills.

We passionately believe that having an MBA from a respected business school makes a significant impact to career progression, but those considering this step would be well-advised to research the MBA market and make sure they have all the facts in front of them, before making a decision about where, when and how to study for an MBA.

Pathways to choose great MBA College:

Management Education to be Creative and Innovative

At present, India has around 5500 B-Schools operational. Management education is considered to be the most sought after option by students and young professionals. Disheartening to note that not all management graduates get employed by top notch companies at lucrative salary packages due to poor quality of MBA education/PGDM education and age-old teaching methodologies.

Students are unable to learn the skills desired by the employers while studying in a management college to meet the need of the corporate world. Employers are always looking out for leadership role and analytical thinkers who can implement the best business practices having good problem solving ability. Therefore colleges imparting skills that adopt a more innovative and realistic approach to help students to face the real world situation is always better than one following age old theory teaching methodologies.

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Education that inculcates time management and leadership skills

An MBA program helps to develop Leadership quality which is highly application-oriented and allows you to develop your personal leadership competencies. Studying for an MBA is considerable undertaking that requires a huge amount of discipline, time and money and it can be very challenging. Student need to develop leadership proficiency and study in-depth management strategy analysis.

Learn to choose the variant which suits you the best, rather than going after what other friends are opting by making influential choice. An MBA program should develop the personal leadership competencies of each participant in a sustainable way. Its structured approach to develop leaders should be unique in the Indian and as well as International MBA market.

Management Education to encourage Learn by doing to enhance knowledge and skills

Our regular empirical studies show that our students are highly successful in achieving their career goals with MBA degree in hand. Studying for an MBA will give you the chance to enhance your skills and knowledge about your industry, and can offer additional benefits that will span the duration of your career. During the course, you will develop leadership proficiency and study in-depth management strategy and analysis. These are vital skills that can be used in all areas of business and are very impressive to prospective employers.

The program gives you the opportunity to work on a series of team projects. Through these, you will develop skills in people management, teamwork and negotiation. You may also be required to complete modules that require public speaking; all good leaders develop their communication skills to ensure they are perceived as confident, knowledgeable and calm. Students visit to Industrial trip and Interaction with corporate leaders helps students learn the nuance of the business world.

Mangament Education to develop entrepreneurship skills

In a fast-changing business environment, speed and entrepreneurship are skills corporate leaders have to continually learn and hone up their leadership skills. These Skills learned during studies nurtured within self sense of curiosity, which benefits one in many ways which otherwise beyond self imaginations.

There is a vast difference between a manager and an entrepreneur therefore management program students are trained in leadership skills, effective time management, business development, etc. so that they can kick-start their own venture and build empire of start-ups.

Management Institutes to  upgrade Curriculum to make student more employable

 Management education should comprise of various activities along with classroom learning so that there is holistic development of students so as to enhance higher employment rate. Grades are very important aspect to secure highly-paid job, but employers are always lookout for problem solvers who are up to date with latest changes in technological world.  Management Institutes should upgrade their curriculum more often to align it with latest trends in Corporate World. Updated concepts, corporate case studies and real life examples helps students to implement them in their professional lives and become critical thinker and good decision makers and above all good problem solver.

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Accreditation and Affiliations

The MBA Program should be from a recognized Business School. The affiliation and accreditation of the institute/ university adds value to your MBA Degree and makes a difference in your career growth. Since time is money which one cannot afford to waste it, choose a program without compromising on the quality of knowledge taught from well affiliated university. The program chosen must give most profitable reward for the investment made by you.

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The Mangalmay MBA at a glance

Mangalmay Group of institutions, stands for Academic excellence and Intellectual rigour that gives you unmatched International exposure, trend setting entrepreneurial approach and enviable industry connect.  This offers edge that makes our MBA program truly global in every sense which gives you more than you expect from it. It is  AICTE affiliated residential Business school that imparts quality learning along with expertise  which provides perfect ambiance to stimulate the mind.

Key features of studying at Mangalmay Group:

  • World Class erudite faculty with rich Industrial Experience to incubate your “ Big Idea” right on campus.
  • Life skills with strong emphasis on Communication, Teamwork and Critical Thinking
  • Holistic development beyond “Business School” experience
  • Best in class accommodation facility in the form of separate hostels for Girls, Boys and Faculty
  • Completely Wi-Fi enabled campus
  • Library, Computer Lab, Gymnasium
  • 100% Placement Record
  • Significant Industry Exposure
  • Serene Learning Environment
  • Guest Lectures by CEO/COO’s

Mangalmay Group gives you the privileged educational environment to pursue MBA program with many benefits so to connect the team today and secure your future career visit our Website  for more information.

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