Things You Need to Know About Making a Career in Engineering

Choosing an appropriate college is not a cup of tea for everyone because it will have a huge impact on your future and it becomes more difficult when you think to do a professional course viz. Engineering, Medical, Law etc. And for those students who all staying in far-away rural or semi-urban places and wants to do his or her course of engineering from a big city will face more problem as compare to the students residing in Metro or developed cities e.g a student from Chappra (Bihar) wants to do his course from Noida/ G.Noida and for him to choose the Top engineering college in NCR or Top college in Greater Noida will be a tough job. But fortunately the Technology has given such students an option to search a proper Institute for them which suits to their requirements and through this article the author is also providing them few easy tips to make their choice bit easy. The main criteria while selecting an Top mechanical engineering college in Delhi NCR has to see the quality of education, which primarily depends on the quality of faculty. So the most important component that goes into making a good institution is a good faculty and good infrastructure. Here we are providing you with some parameters which one should look before seeking admission in any Top civil engineering college in Delhi NCR. So when you visit the website of any college, look for the following information:

  • Has the college gone through any formal accreditation by AICTE (NBA) or NAAC, etc. If yes, what is the result?
  • Has the college been ranked by any major survey like India Today, Data Quest, and Business Chronicle etc.? Here it should be noted that most of these surveys are only about perceptions and not realities.
  • Number of full-time faculty members and their respective qualifications.
    How is the Infrastructure at the college? How well equipped the labs are? How much healthy and hygienic eatables are available in the canteen and cafeteria?
  • How much band-width of Wi-Fi is available in the campus and is it available round the clock?
  • How good is the library? Is it digital and automated? How much books are stocked in it? Are there enough e-Resources like NPTEL available?
  • How good are hostels? Is there ample of Power Backups? Do they provide safe and secure environment?
  • Does the college provide sports facilities on campus? Are there enough Athletics and related events being held?
  • Cost/Scholarships & Financial Aid given by the college to meritorious students, as cost is one thing that most parents think about when the topic of college comes up.
  • Location of the college plays a very important role because if you have always lived in the rural area, choosing an urban campus can be an adventure. But after a week of urban noise, dirt, and rude people, you will long for a grassy campus and open space? On the other hand, if you are used to the urban lifestyle and mall life and choose a college in a rural area, you will run screaming looking for noise, lights, and people? So think about where you grew up and how much of a change you want from that when you go to college.
  • Distance from Home is again a vital parameter. When you decide how far you want to be from home, think about how likely you are to get homesick, and how much money you can afford to spend in travel. The farther you are from home, the less often you’ll be able to visit.
  • Activities, Special Programs, Workshops, Conferences, Seminars, Technical Fests etc. giving students a chance to be involved in extra activities outside their majors.
  • In today’s society, almost all students and parents take the value of the first paycheck as the only measure of success. So do look at the campus placement statistics. How many companies visited the campus, what was the intake and how much package was being offered?
  • Your Gut Feeling- Trust your instincts. If a place feels right, that’s the most important thing of all. On should have a feel of positivity.
  • Similarly, if it just feels wrong, no matter what you should not be there.
    Never forgets to visit the UGC/AICTE/affiliating university website to fetch some additional details of the institute.

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