Super Fun Event

Mangalmay Group Of Institutions – Super Fun Event 2018

MANGALMAY MANAGEMENT Report on Super Fun Event 2018 Date: 24th January, 2018 Venue: Main Ground , Mangalmay Group of Institutions Organisers: Ms. Seema Pundir Ms. Meenakshi Bhaskar Dr. Shweta Kulshrestha Event Happenings: Musical Chair Tongue Twister One Minute Games Lemon Race This event was conducted on the occasion of ” Basant Panchami and Republic Day…

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Self actualization


Self-actualization is the realization or fulfillment of one’s talents and potentialities. It occurs when you maximize your potential, doing the best that you are capable of doing. The people with better degree of self-actualization are the one who knows their potential and weakness and accept them as they are. They have realistic approach towards life…

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