Mangalmay Institutions

5 Reasons why you should join Mangalmay

MBA is one of the most popular choices of students along with engineering and medical courses. Every student aspires to study in a top MBA college in Greater Noida. The possibility of landing in white collared jobs after completing the business administration course is one of the prime reasons for its popularity. In India, many…

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Benefits of an MBA in HR

What Are the Benefits of MBA in HR?

MBA degree is considered a stepping ladder for people, who wish to establish themselves in the management board of any company. To handle any organisation or a team, one needs to enhance certain set of skills to deal with high stress situations and develop talent within an organisation. Pursuing MBA in HR gives you an…

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Management Education in India – Challenges and Prospects

Management Education in India – which started some 50 years ago- has taken rapid leaps over the past decade. Today, an MBA or an equivalent degree is looked at by many as a Gateway to a rewarding career – a career which is highly challenging and extremely lucrative. Post liberalization the relevance of management education…

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Why Management Education?

In the present day world of business, where every aspect of our life is ruled by management, it is very essential for an individual to understand the essence of management at least to the relative terms. It is because, the world has become so complex with times, that it would not function at all when…

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In today’s Global scenario, Indian students are seeking exposure in business schools. The reason is that they are able to acquire better learning experience, corporate excellence and better placements. But this is not applicable to all the Management colleges. The students from obscure colleges are struggling for jobs. The reason for the sad situation is…

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Our Education System

The Indian Education system is continuously producing a large number of unemployable graduates. These graduates lack basic communication and problem solving and other skills that are required for even the most elementary jobs. The problem is not only infrastructure and money. Indian peoples are willing to invest in education and this investment is enough to…

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