Eligibility Criteria for Engineering

Eligibility Criteria for Engineering Programs India

India produces the highest number of engineers in the world. Numerous colleges and institutes offer engineering courses in many streams. Courses in applied engineering and science are also offered. There is tough competition among students to gain admission to the top engineering college in Greater Noida and other cities. Admissions to engineering courses are given…

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Things you can do after BTech

5 Things you can do after B.Tech

After successfully securing admission in one of the Top B.Tech colleges in NCR after scoring high in the entrance exams, things seem settled and you live in a small comfortable shell going through your course. When you in the final year everyone be it your parents, friends, relatives, siblings, and teachers have only one question.…

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The growing needs and aspirations in the world are acquiring new dimensions and perspective especially for the Civil Engineering sectors. The world is integrating into a more globalized society where a multi lateral approach is the demand of hour, justifying the very concept of development through varied prisms. One such marvellous example of Civil Engineering…

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Continuously Variable Power Transmission

Continuously Variable Power Transmission (CVT)

New rules for automotive fuel economy and emissions has been launched for B4 vehicles, now the continuously variable power transmission (CVT) emerging as a key technology for improving the fuel efficiency of automobiles with internal combustion (IC) engines. continuously variable power transmission (CVT)uses infinite number of adjustable drive ratios instead of discrete gears to attain…

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As we all know that these days quite a lot of advancements is there in the technology, earlier going back to late 80’s anyone carrying cell phone was a prestige issue as it was a costly item to carry. Whereas now we see that every person in house has got either single or double cell…

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Cloud Computing and its Applications

Cloud Computing and its Applications in Current Scenario

Cloud computing consist of two terms One is Cloud that is the useful feature of computer technology to perform appropriate task. Computing may include computer hardware and software, but must involve some form of a computer system. It is a type of operational of computer that fully dependent on exchanging computing resources rather than having…

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Manufacturing Technologies For Aerospace

Advancement in Manufacturing Technologies For Aerospace

Aerospace is an immensely vast and one of the fast-growing industry, which uses upgraded and advanced technologies for manufacturing of aircraft and spacecraft components.There is huge amount of distinct challenges that exist for designing the air vehicle such as strong, light-weight, extremely fine and corrosion free material, which also operates on higher drag, lift and…

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