Growth in Global population continues to drive citizens from rural areas to cities. With rapid expansion of urban areas, cities need to become intelligent to handle this large scale urbanization. This is driving city operators to look at smarter ways to manage complexities, increase efficiencies and improve quality of life. Today we need cities that monitor& integrate infrastructure to better optimize resources while maximizing service to its citizens. So to meet all the needs we need our cities to be smarter which brings a concept “Smart cities” Smart cities optimize the use of technology in the design & operation of infrastructure and buildings in such a way which meets the current and future needs of their citizens. To be truly smart they also require consideration of governance &growth, urban development and infrastructure, the environment & natural resources, society and community.

Best engineering colleges in Greater Noida

To develop new smart cities and to transform our cities into smart cities the engineers in particular are stepping up as leaders.

Civil & Environmental Engineers are working to harness the potential of latest technologies and data for our urban infrastructure, which is among the most complex system in the world. They provide sustainable, resilient and advanced means of transportation system, green building, better water management system and better waste management system. This not only develop physical infrastructure but also develop institutional & social infrastructure that enable our societies to function. Modeling these systems of systems will require managing data at an unprecedented scale.

To support them Computer and Electronics & Communication Engineers help in creating future cities that are digital, build and operate cities ICT landscape across application and infrastructure like IOT( internet of things), e-payment,e-market, The latest communication devices etc which is leveraging next generation technologies. They create a platform for conveyance of different city services, leverage big data analytics to manage city performance and proactive crisis management.

Mechanical Engineers are developing fuel efficient vehicles, harnessing non conventional energy resources for operating different machinery operations to optimize consumption of fuel and stepping towards the green environment. They play major role for having the industry automation, medical equipment automation and public transport faster and efficient.

Best engineering colleges in Greater Noida

Electrical Engineers developing new renewable source of energy to meet ever increasing power demands. They also develop methods of effective power transmission with minimum losses which is more economical and safer. They also work on developing micro chips to micro sensors which are helping in making our households, institution efficient and safer.


By going through above article it is clear that Dreaming of a smart city without active contribution of engineers is a myth. So there will always be demand of Engineers and because of which even after crises in the placement scenario still the maximum science students choose Engineering as their first career choice in hope of a better future.

But Choosing an Appropriate Engineering College is not a cup of tea for everyone and for those students who all staying in far-away rural or semi-urban places and wants to do their course of engineering from a big city will face more problem as compare to the students residing in Metro or developed cities. For example, a student from Darbhanga (Bihar) wants to do his course from Noida/ G.Noida and for him to choose the Top engineering college in NCR or Best Btech college in Greater Noida will be a tough job but for his future he has to accept this as a challenge and have to choose the best Engineering Institute for him and who knows by doing the hard work now you might just make your fortune at one of these smart cities.

Best engineering colleges in Greater Noida

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