Scope of B.Tech in Computer Engineering


The scope of B.Tech in computer engineering can be explained in the context of the job opportunities that the individual will have and the things that the individual can do after engineering. Best engineering college in greater Noida is known to create ample amount of job opportunities to the pass out students, some of them are:

Jobs available

There are different levels of job available in the for a B.Tech students. The student passing out from best engineering college in greater Noida has the greater number of options available. The graduate could either work from the jobs that are available in the campus placement or go for government sector jobs.

Now in private sector jobs can be categorized into sub section known as IT jobs and core jobs. These are the jobs which focuses on core engineering. These pay less at first but with experience and expertise salary becomes no bar. Some of industries offering core jobs are ECIL, ONGC. TATA MOTORS, BHEL ETC.

Now coming to the IT department it has no of jobs available for the right candidate. Candidates mainly of CSE background are preferred. People often have a misconception of IT industry is that, they think a learning only C++ and java will get you a job in IT industry. Some of the designation offered by the IT industry are:

  • Database developer
  • Software developer
  • Network engineer
  • Testing engineer

Another set jobs available are ITES Jobs which comes flexible shifts and communication skills. These can be categorized into voice support and tech support. Voice support deals with outbound and inbound customer service while tech support deals with any problems related to technology.

Things To Do

Now this section of the article will tell you about the things that a B.Tech graduate can do if the individual does not want to be have a corporate career.

  • The first and foremost is that the individual can try for government exams. Though the chances clearing at first chance are less because everybody wants it so bad, but with good effort and determination the individual will have the opportunity to crack it.
  • Now if you want be civil service officer then you need to work extra hard for this since IAS and IPS are one of the toughest exams to crack. If this does not go in your favor then then you can also always serve the country by joining the army.
  • Getting a position in the army is highly respectable and this way your patriotism towards your country will not need any introduction. A high ranking post in the army can serve with a high paying job and honor.
  • Another thing that a graduate can do after B.Tech is either do attain a management degree or do small computer courses that will add as an experience in your CV. B
  • Best engineering college in NCR will provide the students with right course opportunity and right internships. It is known concept that nobody wants a fresher to use and control expensive software’s like big data management and Hadoop.
  • Thus, the best engineering college in NCR will brush the basic computer skills so that the individual never forgets the basic while individual moves forward in technology.
  • This will lead to a positive impact during the campus placement as the management of the company will see that the top engineering college in NCR focuses on what truly matters and does not deviate the student’s path compelling them to do irrelevant computer courses.

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