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Maths and science has traditionally been a bastion for men because of strong rooted belief in society that men are inherently better in these subjects than women. The ratios of students in science graduate and post graduate courses is also skewed in favor of men. Similar ratios are carry forwarded when these students get job in industry.

Top college in Greater Noida

There have been numerous studies on the subject. The crux all these studies is that women are held back by the social conditioning they get right from childhood. One example is that we gift dolls to young girls while boys get cars and other electronic gadgets. Women usually avoid science and technology careers because they are trapped in a pattern of thought: ‘Men are better in those fields’.

The big stereotype that boys naturally do better than girls in science is not scientifically substantiated, indeed, there is a lot of evidence that girls are just as talented in science as boys are. In many countries where gender biases are not strong, girls outperform boys in math and science, according to the journal Intelligence. Women are known to have better multitasking abilities and higher discipline, that gives them edge when it comes to scientific research and bachelor’s and master’s degree courses like B.Sc., M.Sc., M.Tech., etc from best colleges across India.

These differences in approaches to technological innovations show basic difference between male and female approaches in life. Men want to expand their influence and women are ready to adapt technologies and make their use easier and more comfortable for people. That is the reason men are more likely to invent new things and women are more likely to improve things which already exist. This division does not make men superior to women nor vice versa. It means that men and women possess different types of skills and best results can be achieved in their combination.

The 21st century women have stepped into a new era of awareness, independence and social responsibilities. For the current economy driven by technology and innovation, it makes no sense if 50% of the population shuns science. By embracing science, they can contribute significantly to the socio-economic growth of the country.

Top college in Greater Noida

Greater Noida is a hub of some of the top science colleges in NCR and out of those one of the best B.Sc College in Greater Noida is Mangalmay Institute of Management & Technology. They took this step by starting to offer B.Sc. through a Bio-Technology program which knows no boundaries, especially gender. Males and Females have equal weight age and there is no bias implemented. In fact, as required, females are encouraged here to pursue any line they want. Mangalmay Group has a great panel of highly educated & trained academicians, an open eligibility criteria, huge infrastructure with loads of facilities, advance systems and a well maintained & developed Placement System. They plan on introducing more B.Sc. courses in the promising future.

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