Role of Biotechnology in Modern technology

Biotechnology is nothing but the technology that uses biology to improve the quality of lives of people. It has wide applications and essential part of modern technology. Best college for BSc in NCR offers graduation as well as post-graduation courses in this for students aspiring to make a career in the bio field. However, biotechnology is not just a single technology. It is, in fact, a group of technologies that work with living cells and molecules and help find new solutions to improve the quality of our lives. Though biotechnology has been used since ages, the recent developments in molecular biology, genetic engineering has immensely increased its potential.

Working of modern biotechnology

Modern biotechnology has two streams namely genetic biotechnology and Non-genetic biotechnology. Genetic biotechnology uses genetic engineering to modify and improve the DNA processes that have a lot of benefits for humans. The Non-genetic biotechnology seeks to improve and modify the strains of the crop, microbial fermentation, tissue culture etc. without making changes to the DNA or genes.

Biotechnology applications are used in different fields like food, medicine, environment etc. Let us see how biotechnology is being used along with modern technology in various fields.

Biotechnology in Industry

Some of the industries use biotechnology to improve the efficiency of the industrial processes and reduce the adverse impact of these processes on the environment. The industries using biotechnology are textile, chemical manufacturing and paper and pulp manufacturing. Chemical manufacturing uses biocatalysts developed through biotechnology for synthesizing chemicals. Biocatalysts help in manufacturing chemicals more economically and make them environmentally friendly.

Biotechnology to improve the environment

Biotechnology has developed microorganisms which feed on waste products to find nutrients. The bacteria digest the waste in the process and convert it to harmless byproducts that are biodegradable. Environmental engineers make use of bioremediation to facilitate effective solid waste management through enzyme bioreactors. The waste is disposed of through sewerage and in some cases converted to biofuel. Biodegradable plastic is another product synthesized from waste.

Biotechnology for Human applications

Proteins are produced for special purposes like insulin production for diabetic patients, artificial blood vessels, colonizing intestinal microorganisms to overcome digestive enzyme deficiencies, etc. Gene therapy is used to treat or cure diseases like AIDS, cystic fibrosis, and cancer that do not respond to medications and other therapies.

Biotechnology to provide food for future generations

The world population is expected to be about 8.7 billion by 2050. Though population growth is immense, the land surface of our world remains same. The ideal farming land has been extensively used and lost its prime utility. This, in turn, has the potential to create food shortage in coming years. Biotechnology helps not only to improve the yield of crops but also produce superior crops with nutritional value required to meet the demand. It helps eradicate malnutrition in developing countries. One can build a lucrative career in biotechnology by studying in best BSc College in NCR that offers biotechnology courses.

Biotechnology works to improve make growing environments flexible, reduce dependency on chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and irrigation and build resistance in crops.

Biotechnology application for the food industry

Beer, alcohol and wine industry uses enzymes and microbes for their manufacturing processes. Biotechnology helps with superior microbes and enzymes to facilitate higher efficiency and lesser pollutants in these industries.
A similar application of enzymes and microbes is used for the production of ethanol from crops which is one of the best biofuels that reduce the greenhouse gas emission of fossil fuels. Aviation biofuel will be available soon for commercial use which will reduce the carbon footprint significantly all over the planet.

Enzymes are being used in household products of daily use like detergents, cosmetics, and preservatives etc. which are more safe and hygienic.

Sugar industry at present is able to extract only a small portion of the crops and most of it discarded as waste. Biotechnology works to improve the efficiency of sugar extraction and reduce waste generation.


The application biotechnology is quite vast and the advantages are immense and virtually every industry uses biotechnology directly or indirectly. Top BSc College in NCR offer various courses in Biotechnology. The growth of biotechnology has been happening at a scorching pace in recent times and a lot more is expected in near future. It finds application in diagnostics, textiles, pharmaceuticals, aquaculture, household products, forestry, forensics, environmental clean-up, food processing and chemicals enabling them to make new and better products. It helps them improve the speed and efficiency of production. It also helps in reducing pollution and waste generation.

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