Role of HRD in Educational Institute

All over the world globalization has changed the work place drastically. Two new forces which have changed the way in which we work and the way work places are managed and operate are information and communication technology and work force diversity. Educational institutions are essentially service providers but they are also work places for their employees’. So, educational institutions cannot remain unaffected by the changes taking place world over. Education is today looked on as a business world over, including India and the competition is getting stiff. In this competitive scenario management of human resources in universities is just as challenging as it is in any other organization. The human resource management strategies of an organization influence the way in which its employees work as well as how the organization itself works.

However, most educational institutions in India especially those in higher education operating in the public sector have always been in a protected environment. Though privatization has started these institutions are even today cocooned in their existence because of a number of reasons. To begin with higher education in the private sphere is exorbitantly expensive given the limited paying power of the masses. Further a number of private universities and institutions are yet to

make a name for them as they have not been in existence long enough. In sharp contrast to our government funded, established universities and even some colleges affiliated to them that have been around for over hundred years. These established institutions have strong alumni and are recognized as brands .Further government regulatory bodies and their rules also often deter the growth of private players in the higher education segment. However these conditions are temporary. State funded universities are already feeling the pressure of reduced government funding. In times to come other changes will further threaten them. The paying power of the middle classes will increase, already the liberal study loans given to students for higher education has made education more affordable. Simultaneously private universities will have been around long enough to make a name and establish themselves as a brand.

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