Computer Science and Engineering

The connection of the different physical devices that are present in today’s world can be connected by the technology and they will give the more efficient output. The interconnection of the different hospitals, agriculture, buildings, vehicles, homes and other items with the sensors, actuators and other network components. The IoT people can be students of B.Tech. Computer Science & Engineering having solid foundation for the different hardware devices and this allows them to explore more in the field of Information and Communication Technology.

In today’s world the future is IoT and more and more job opportunities will be available in this field, so the student of the B.Tech. Computer Science and Engineering and other branches should find the career in this field. The IoT technology allows the culture of Smart Wearable Items, Smart Cities, Smart Grid, Connected Cars, Connected Health, Agricultures, Industrial internet and it is not limited to these points only but the scope is unlimited.

IoT technology is based on various other technologies like wireless communication, real time analytics, machine learning, sensors and embedded systems.

This technology is used to transform ‘things’ which may be physical objects, devices, vehicles or buildings – into a connected part of the internet, enabling them to be controlled or sensed remotely. This brings the power of computing to the physical world, removing the need for human intervention and introducing much greater automation to everything we do. IoT has ability to save energy and reduce waste as it has control over the use of resources based on our actual needs.

The IoT will bridge the gap between the digital and the physical world to improve the quality, productivity of industries, life and the society. The report of the different industry and networking giant predict almost 14.4 trillion dollars in value across all segments and the job opportunities will be at higher side in IoT in the coming decade.
If the students of B.Tech. Computer Science & Engineering want to make the future in the IoT then this is the right time to grab the opportunity and flourish in the coming future.