Reasons for Taking Admission for BBA Program

After completing your Plus Two, the important thing that lies ahead is to choose your career. This stage is crucial and the impact of the choice of subjects affects the career and job prospects ahead. While selecting the course, the student and the parents have to take a wise decision based upon the interest of the student and the career that he/she plans to select.

Student at this stage needs guidance from their teachers and parents. If they still are confused, it is wise to seek the help of a suitable counselor.

The student who wish to acquire leadership roles, enter into entrepreneurship or managerial roles in the corporate team. They can readily opt for comprehensive 3 years Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) program. BBA course has a wide scope in such realms with a promising future. There are several Best BBA college in NCR and you can select one of them for an undergraduate course.

Why should you opt a BBA Program?

  • Professional Learning

BBA course offers an opportunity to professional learning. It introduces students to business operations and management, finance, accounting, computer learning, marketing, leadership skills, critical thinking, decision making etc. The candidate acquires this knowledge in their undergraduate program itself. The 3 years program helps the students to learn business and managerial skills. They also train in practical knowledge which helps them to hone their skills. It creates a strong background for the MBA aspirants.

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  • High Demand for BBA Graduates in Market

Indian market is accelerating at a high speed and BBA graduates are much in demand. New Startups have emerged in the market and they seek BBA students. Easy job opportunities are available for the meritorious BBA graduates. Demand is more than the supply so variable job options exist in the market. Select Top BBA College in NCR to pursue BBA course and secure your future.

  • Market Exposure & Experience

In the final year of BBA, students procurve an option to work with the marketing, sales, operation etc. team and this exposure help them to acquire experience in real time. This exposure acquaints them with the latest market trends and job pattern. If a BBA graduate wishes to step into business activities, it will be apt for him as he is well-acquainted with the theoretical and practical knowledge of entrepreneurship.

  • Growth Opportunities

There are a variety of job avenues available for BBA Graduates and they are recruited to facilitate among operation team and senior level of the management. with a few years of experience and hardwork, officials climb the ladder of success easily. They are promoted to mid-level or senior management cadre in four-five years length of service. The growth is fast for the deserving candidates.

  • Variety of Options

BBA degree offers a variety of career options. These programs prepare the candidates to operate in multiple segments. Their professional training helps them to cater several departments. After finishing the degree course, there are multiple options.

  • Do Job
  • Pursue MBA
  • Take Competitive Exams
  • Engage in Start-up
  • Grooms for Chartered Accountancy Course
  • If you wish to move abroad after BBA course, you can appear for TOEFL or IELTS exam.

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  • Future Degrees

If you are aspiring for MBA, MBE or Master in Economics, BBA course is apt or rather compulsory for you. The reason is that it provides you the much needed exposure of the subjects covered in these courses. You are acquainted with the preliminary course and the same elaborate course with few additions are taught in MBA. It virtually lays the foundation for further higher studies. There are colleges who offer 5-year integrated course of MBA+BBA, so if you wish to study further, you can well choose an integrated course.

  • Low Expenditure & High Returns

MBA programs are extremely expensive whereas the BBA course can be completed at low cost. There are several Best BBA college in NCR offering the quality course at an affordable expenditure. If you get through with merit then the return on investment is incomparable.

  • Remuneration

CTC is an important aspect of any job and BBA graduate from Top BBA College in Delhi NCR can fetch a job with starting CTC of 4 lac onwards. After service length of 4-5 years, they can draw CTC approximate 8-10 lac based on their performance and aptitude. The CTC varies from location to location and on the organizational structure.


BBA degree from reputed Top BBA College in NCR will be suitable for you if you are planning to pursue BBA course after Plus Two. There are variety of options you can avail in white collar jobs or can explore your skills in business or an enterprise.