Real world Biomolecular computers

Bio-molecule means a molecule that is present in a living organism. These could be macro-molecules that are large such as lipids, proteins, and nucleic acids. The field of bio-molecular computing is an emerging discipline that gets input from molecular biology, biophysics, solid state physics, computer science, and chemistry.


Bio-molecular computing uses DNA in place of the traditional silicon chips. This is a revolutionary concept and will change many things. Best B.Sc College in Greater Noida offers courses in the disciplines that have very high potential for the future. DNA computers can be built in a number of ways but basically, the core of functioning is by pairing bases on the two strands of the DNA molecules using certain enzymes.


The bio-molecular computing began on earth some 3.5 billion years ago. Beginning with the evolution of the first life forms. The simple organisms were able to process information through chemistry based computation. This ability is what powers life on earth to date. Our quest to master this unique biological tool has just begun.

Molecular programming

DNA systems are fairly easy to design, their geometric structures are reliable and predictable. They are very stable chemically too. They are being implemented experimentally in more and more labs across the globe. With new software tools to aid in the designing, simulating and verifying the DNA systems has expanded the horizon of what can be achieved with DNA. Most of these DNA systems are autonomous in nature. The same cannot be said of lipids, carbohydrates, proteins, and RNA.

DNA Computation

DNA computation is very promising and exciting. It has the potential for Opening the possibility of efficient computation through simultaneous bootstrapping solution introduced into future computer design and construction.


Creating programmable access to molecules and creating nano-systems which can greatly extend the reach of computation. Makes it possible to admit efficient, complex and universal algorithms capable of on dynamic molecular hardware. Help us understand the process of evolution and basis of biological construction much better. Opening up new frontiers in formal models of computation and also widen our understanding of the computation limits.

Potential of Bio-molecular computing

The arena of Bio-molecular computing enables one to pragmatically entertain the possibility of harnessing the huge parallelism at nano-scales intrinsic in natural phenomena to figure out computational problems for the first time in history. The biological analogy could be changed dramatically through the effectuate of evolutionary algorithms in bio-molecules. This can prove to be an irresistible alternative to meet massive needs for computational power.

A team at the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel consisting of experts from biological chemistry and computer science departments has created a Bio-molecular computer. Top BSc College in Greater Noida have courses that will help students build their career in this field.

Though the use of macro-molecules like DNA and enzymes for executing computations cannot match the speed and sociability of electronic computing, new expectations have surfaced by the discovery of a “killer app” by the research team of Ehud Shapiro of the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel. This is molecular scale diagnostics.

The researchers are using software that is programmed in the genetic code in place of computer coding. Due to this, the bio PC based on nucleic acid recognizes diseases like cancer by the change in concentration of certain mRNAs.

This has been hailed as a landmark achievement that paves way for more promising work. These are only the beginning steps in bio-molecular computing. Caution must be exercised and it remains to be seen if it works in the real world medical application.

The team at the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel has also developed a bio-molecular computer in which the DNA strands are used as inputs and outputs. The Outputs from the DNAs are without complex reactions and much quicker within an hour.


Important events and discoveries in bio-molecular computing have happened in recent times which opens up new horizons and possibilities in bio-molecular computing. In not too distant future we can realistically expect bio-molecular computers to be used in real-world applications for the welfare of the mankind. However, a lot of work yet remains to be done to reach that stage. The immense potential of this field opens up great opportunities for students studying in the best college for B.Sc in Greater Noida.


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