Python & its Role in Quality Control

Python & its Role in Quality Control

One of the most important phase in Software Development is Quality Control.

Process of Quality Control includes checking of final product on sample basis & confirming that product is suitable for release or not. However, it is not foolproof way to ensure quality as:

  1. It is not possible to test each & every part of software. So test is performed on boundary values & some sample data selected conform to quality standards but many others in the lot don’t.
  2. Quality results depend on the person’s skill who is testing that particular sample.

Computer vision allows you to implement 100% quality check independent of computer vision.

The computer vision system is also used for finding the quality of any either related to camera, medical, packing, manufacturing etc.

The software for this system is written in python & will use simple CV image processing library. This software can be installed on windows 7 or windows 10 environment.

The Quality Control of the system can be easily checked & verified with the help of  Python as a software tool.

The disadvantage of automation software is that it will delimit the job opportunities available for the person engaged in the system. In longer scenario it is more beneficial rather than disadvantage.

Business goes for higher technologies stuck with old and conventional methods are not sustainable or scalable. Python will allow you to provide this set of future. The major factors affecting are scale and complexity of the business.

The Quality Control allows the user to include the new approach in it as it is open source code which allows number of efficient user to attached with it through their ideas and thoughts which will indirectly improve the system’s performance.

Therefore we can say that Python has a bigger role in the Quality Control enhancement without much human interaction.

Students of B.Tech Computer Science & Engineering can learn Python and Computer Vision testing tool to find opportunities in Software Testing Field.

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