Private Engineering College Vs Government College

Choosing the right college after completing the 10+2 course is one of the most important decisions. The possibility of getting admission into the top engineering college in NCR or any other reputed college largely depends on the marks scored in 10+2 exams and entrance exams. If you have secured top ranking then you have a wide choice of colleges to choose from. Scoring high also helps in getting a scholarship and financial aids/loans. One of the first choices that you have to make is whether to study in a Government college or a private engineering college.

There are some important differences between a government college and a private college. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. Let us see what the differences are

Tuition Fees

The tuition fees are comparatively very low. Also under reservation quotas for different sects, castes, minorities, female fees are even lesser. For some lower castes and economically backward communities the tuition fees may be completely waived off. In private engineering college, the tuition fees are determined by the top administration/ management. When the fees of the government college are compared with private college the difference is quite big. It could be as high as 1:10 in certain cases.

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The placement records of the popular government colleges are very good on an average. Many well-known government colleges throughout India have provided stellar placements. It should be noted that some government colleges that are not well known have a very poor track record. It is important that the government engineering college should be popular. Checking the placement records of the college for the past few years where you plan to join will give the placement potential of that college.

In case of private colleges, it is difficult to assess this parameter as there is a wide disparity. Some of the private engineering colleges running successfully for a decade or so have made significant efforts to have a tie-up with multi-national companies and the students of these colleges are able to secure excellent placements. At the same time, there are many private colleges who fare badly in providing placements.

Teaching Faculty

Government colleges are known to have teaching staff who are well qualified and well trained in teaching. The pay is also good and they get good facilities and perks. Students find them quite helpful and well experienced. However, the number of hours spent teaching is much lesser compared to private colleges. The students of government engineering colleges are able to score much better than private college students on an average and fare better in competitive exams. The important factor being the popularity of the government colleges.

Private colleges have a shortage of teaching staff in general. The faculty is not highly qualified. But there are reputed engineering colleges that have excellent teaching faculty and the students find them very helpful. The teaching staff put in lot more effort in teaching and guiding the students compared to government colleges.


A number of Government colleges lack in infrastructure, the labs are not well equipped, the apparatus and instruments are not the latest. If any equipment requires repairs it may take a long time in getting it done due to procedures and the student suffers due to this. There are some government colleges that do maintain excellent infrastructure. It is better to visit and evaluate before deciding to join the college.

A good number of private engineering colleges that have been running well for about a decade have a very good infrastructure and excellent facilities in terms of labs, equipment, hostel, food and medical, Wi-Fi in campus area etc. A visit before deciding to join is essential even here.

Curriculum and recognition

Engineering degrees obtained from government colleges are well accepted all over the world and will never be rejected. The same cannot be said of private engineering degree. Some private colleges are autonomous whereas others follow the University curriculum. The university degree is always preferred over the autonomous degree in case of admission to higher studies.

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As seen both the government and private colleges have many advantages and also disadvantages. There are colleges with excellent infrastructure, facilities, and track record both in government-run as well as private engineering colleges. More than securing admission in a top engineering college in Greater Noida it is important that the student must have the passion to study and it is important that a good amount of research about colleges and their positives is done before deciding on the college to join.