The Indian Education system is continuously producing a large number of unemployable graduates. These graduates lack basic communication and problem solving and other skills that are required for even the most elementary jobs. The problem is not only infrastructure and money. Indian peoples are willing to invest in education and this investment is enough to create infrastructure for all Bachelor and Masters level courses in India. Except in very few fields such as medicine and Technology, in most of the cases, fees paid by students are sufficient to provide good quality education. But actually this is not what is happening in India. The basic problem is that a large majority of Indian colleges lack the focus to create good and employable graduates. Their task is to help students go through a predesigned curriculum and pass an exam.

To change this way of education and to be Best MBA College in Greater Noida, Noida and allover India, we need to change our focus. Organizations that are involved in providing education must consider proper and appropriate employment as the main objective of their courses. This is especially important for the courses in Technology and Business Administration, where Institutions need to have strong and proper interaction with companies. Institutions must make sure that their students have those skills. In current scenario, even a brilliant student will face problem if he is not proficient in English. Most Indian organizations do not focus on better employability and therefore are of no use to their graduates.

Most of the curriculum in India is out of date. It has large content from twenty years ago and does not focus on the fact that the world is moving on. Educational organizations have a choice – they can follow old curriculum, or fight a battle targeting to change it. The most urgent requirement is to support the curriculum with additional and practical training in new technologies such as digital marketing, cloud computing and Smartphone apps development etc.

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