New Placement Sectors in Engineering

The growing needs and aspirations in the world are acquiring new dimensions and perspective especially for the engineering sectors. The world is integrating into more globalized society where a multi lateral approach is the demand of hour, so that the works of different department can be integrated in a well bonafide manner justifying the very concept of development through varied prisms.

From the engineering point of views, the different sects of engineering have different role to play and there is no dearth of opportunity for any of these sectors.

First of all giving a desirable weight to one of the evergreen section i.e. Mechanical Engineering. With the changing dynamics mechanical engineering have opportunity in various highly professional sectors like automobile sector where the micro small and medium enterprises (MSME) can play their roles by supplying the valuable path to the design and manufacturing industries in a highly professional manner. There are requirement of experts in developing safety gears, shaft, belt and other mechanical components. The manufacturing industries like steel, iron, aluminium etc are the classical examples employing techniques such as  drawing, production,  quality control and maintenance.  As today’s world is highly competitive in terms of price and quality this branch has evolved with advent of CAD in designing and CAM in manufacturing. India requires this area to have an edge in manufacturing world with programs such as “Make in India” campaign. Future here looks bright with examples such as; French and American fighter jet proposals which will create a lot of jobs in this sector in the coming days.

Again eyeing to different variant Computer Science Engineering, this sector has a credible potential in the current scenario where the IOT and data analysis can be done, cloud computing can be done to make the operation much shared and secured. In the changing scenario the role of Computer Science Engineering is challenging when it comes to cyber security. As going digital is today’s demand  of the government so having a safe and secured network  is required which will create a lot of positions for software developers. In today’s world cyber crime is major concern that even security agencies are not able to cope up with. The recent BitCoin attack on the servers all across the globe had paralysed all the cyber works. So, there is need of computer professionals by the government, security agencies to cope up with the issues. The jobs of Computer Science Engineering are always on boom as the technology advancement requires software or computer engineers.

Now, changing the corner and coming down to Electronics and communication engineering , this sector is backbone of all the technology we are dealing with. This branch deals with the embedded i.e. hardware components. The hardware components consists of the design and analysis and development of circuits which is a continuous process. The other part of this engineering is the telecommunication services such as 3G, 4Getc. This also takes in consideration the bandwidth, antenna and other components. The technology is changing fast and so are the needs of people so we can expect a beyond imaginary services development in the telecommunication field in the coming time only is possible by the use of Electronics and communication engineers.

Now, giving leverage to Brick and Mortar i.e. Civil Engineering. This sector is having an immense potential as today’s world is eyeing themselves in cutting edge and work class infrastructure to be in pace with the changing global reality. There are immense potential in real estate sector as where there is a growing demand for housing needs. Modular construction is also one of sector of construction which is making its presence felt in Civil Engineering field and offering a lot of jobs for the civil engineers. The design of steel components and manufacturing plants at different challenging locations is also creating a lot of opportunities. Civil engineering are engaged from soil or beneath the soil to the rooftop of any development where their contribution cannot be matched by any sector .Environmental engineering department, soil analysis department, surveying department, transportation department, Public and welfare department (PWD),etc is always requiring civil engineers which is again creating job opportunities for the civil engineers and again their involvement in safety, design of structures, software analytical design of structures etc make them one of the important pillar of engineering field. The work of  a civil engineer  makes the society safe from the impact of nature’s furry such as Earthquake, floods etc .From designing to execution , connectivity purposes, laying of railway tracks, roads  there is a always requirement of Civil engineers. Even the road can end but the contribution of Civil Engineering in creating and nurturing the world cannot be stated.

So, with the changing dynamics and power equations the scope of engineering in different sectors is multi dimensional and have multiple approach. By far as world continues to be slave to consumerism or materialism under the face saver of development there is countless options for engineers (Mechanical, Civil, ECE, Computer Science) whichever department they belong too.

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