We are almost near the end of the year and this is the most crucial time for the students, as their placements are approaching. Talking to a friend, I realized the importance of Career Management and wrote this article. I think it is a useful subject for our young friends.

Today everyone is talking of career…. Parents ask their child; boss to his employees; student to his teacher. Are they talking of studies or job?

The word career is in fashion nowadays. This term in itself is very dicey. Let us first understand what actually ‘career’ means? Well, one answer to this can be that career is that sensitive word which distinguishes one’s personal and professional life. Career refers to the continuous, structured and active steps taken by an individual throughout his lifetime leading directly or indirectly towards his occupation in the future.
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Knowing the answer to ‘what is a career,’ will help you to realise, why you are choosing a particular career in the first place, instead of choosing it simply because everybody else was choosing it. Career is very significant because it is something that involves your whole life, actions and plans. This is something which will give you money as a reward in lieu of the hard work you put in throughout your life. It is somewhat similar to financial management. This is a disciplined investment made on regular basis that yields greater returns. If this is done correctly, it will lead to huge career success. Therefore, one has to be very clear in choosing the path, or career which can provide maximum return value through which he can earn money.

For example:-If we talk about management students who are always in dilemma of choosing the Best MBA colleges(Best MBA college in Greater Noida) for better career are always confused in choosing the right college. If we take a particular region like NCR we can see there are many Top MBA colleges in Noida and Greater Noida which are excellent study hub for the people who chose to be a management professional.  As everyone knows Noida and Greater noida is one of the education hubs where there are many Best MBA colleges and Top Engineering colleges in and around where aspirants from all over India come to join these colleges for better growth of their future.

It was just a simple example of career in management field and it is same with all fields. We just need to be clear about our career which we are opting for not just for others but for your own self as this will be the time which will decide your career opportunities and growth. This process is a life- long process and, therefore, goes on regardless of age.