In today’s Global scenario, Indian students are seeking exposure in business schools. The reason is that they are able to acquire better learning experience, corporate excellence and better placements. But this is not applicable to all the Management colleges. The students from obscure colleges are struggling for jobs. The reason for the sad situation is that over the past few years, many number of Business Schools have sprung-up and it has become pretty common to have a MBA degree. These B Schools are in a hurry to establish themselves. The quality of education imparted has declined. Their focus on value addition and professional expertise is missing. There was a time when not everybody could get through the admission process of MBA program. Only cream of the lot could qualify it. But now, anybody can get admission in a MBA program.

But it does not signify that MBA program has lost its value. In such adverse times also, there are premier institutions which are rendering value.The students who pursue MBA from good B Schools have a high flying career. These schools provide a platform to the students to pursue their dreams of achieving corporate excellence and become corporate leaders. It provides them with various avenues of learning and inculcates the quality of leadership in them.

It won’t be incorrect to say that MBA program possess lot of value for anyone.

1.    Higher salary
MBA graduate gets considerably higher salary than any other employee with a regular Master qualification. The cost incurred on the program can be easily recovered within 2-3 years of job. High salary is a great motivation for the individuals to pursue MBA.

2.    Better career opportunities
MBA graduates have a higher chance of holding a high level Management position in any organization.It was found that 70% of the MBA graduates are senior managers or board of director.

3.    Acquisition of new knowledge and skills
Studying a Master of Business Administration enables an individual to acquire new knowledge and skills to apply new management techniques. Studying a MBA forces an individual to get out of the comfort zone deal with the latest issues and apply new management techniques.

4. Business Network
As a MBA student, one gets vast opportunities in life to develop business network. One gets to meet and interact successful businessmen.It gives an opportune to learn new things and have a strong business network.

5. Career Options
MBA opens many career options for the individual. It is a passport to his success story. The first option for him is the corporate world. The private sector offers various opportunities in various sectors like automobiles, pharmaceuticals, petrochemicals, textiles, cement, steel, FMCG, Consumer Durable, Reality and Construction, Heavy Vehicles, Chemicals, Paints and Foods & Beverages amongst others and in the services sector such as Banking, Financial Services, Hospitality, Healthcare, IT & ITES and Airlines. The public sector also provides career opportunities to the Management students such as – ONGC, BHEL, NTPC and BPC amongst others.

In a nut shell, we can conclude MBA program has not lost its value provided MBA is pursued from premier institution. The institutions that have maintained their quality of education and strive for value addition amongst students. The student should ensure that he pursues MBA from best college of Noida, Greater Noida, Delhi or any other place.