Report on Day 1: Workshop on Entrepreneurship (2 Hrs.)

Date: 25th Sep 17, Monday

Venue: MIMT, Seminar Hall Block A

Organisers: Ms. Monika Makhija & Dr. Shweta S. Kulshrestha

The Workshop on Entrepreneurship was conducted for the students of MBA Ist Year by Ms. Monika Makhija and Dr. Shweta S. Kulshrestha so as to give an idea to the students regarding, “How to Start-Up the Business?” In today’s world there are lots of opportunities for entrepreneurship i.e. establishing the business and developing job opportunities for others. The workshop covered the activities to cover questions like “If students are given a chance to undertake activities on entrepreneurship then how would think about taking the path of running their own business”.

The main emphasis of Workshop was to make students understand the meaning of entrepreneur & entrepreneurship, process of entrepreneurship , entrepreneurship entities risks of entrepreneurship, various examples of successful entrepreneurship and process of registering their company online under the start-up India Campaign. The whole workshop was based on discussion and activity so that the students get involved and enjoy the session. The session includes:

  • PPT presentations by the organisers
  • Video sessions – Better and deep Understanding
  • Activities – To practically understand the concept of Entrepreneurship
  • Learning Entrepreneurial Concepts through Movie

Students actively participated in all the activities and fruitful discussions were done in the workshop. The students have been given assignment for one week where they have to work on various activities and they will be presenting their understanding in next workshop scheduled on 5th Oct 17. There was an innovative session on “Learning Through Movies” where there was a maximum interest shown by students.

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