Activity report on Class Representative Selection for MBA 1st Semester
Date : 11 / 11 / 2017 , Saturday

Venue : MBA Classroom -I

Organizers :  1. Dr. Shweta S. Kulshrestha

                        2. Ms. Meenakshi Bhaskar

Class representatives are at the core of academic representation. Responsibility of being a class representative is very crucial as well as a very challenging job for the student. This activity of electing Class Representative was democratically conducted by the students of MBA , MIMT. Students participated very actively and really enjoyed the same activity. The students shared that if they are given a chance to become the class representative then they will develop the skills i.e. leadership, Team working, Communication (both verbal and non-verbal), problem solving skills, Confidence and creating a network for the development of the class so that a positive learning environment is created. The flow of the activity included:
The students who had voluntary showed interest in becoming a class representative in form of written applications were asked to prepare and present the PPT on “Role of Class Representative” so as to see their seriousness and contribution towards becoming class representative. The PPT was given by each student for 10 mins and in total we had 18 students from both the class taking participation in the same. The PPT presentation was judged by the faculties not teaching in MBA -I year so that no bias decision could be taken. Ms. Shruti Srivastava and Ms. Rashmi Kaushik , faculties of MBA department had judged the activity. The presence of Dr. Amit Gupta, Head of MBA Department and Dr. Tushar Kanti , Director of MBA department really motivated the students. Total of 6 students were selected from each class (A and B) who followed the next step of election process. This activity was conducted for 2 Hrs. i.e. from 11:30A.m. to 1:30P.m. The presentation made by the students included the topics which covered the introduction of students i.e. their educational background, achievements, core values and the attendance till date and even their core responsibilities of being a Class Representative.
The six students who had successfully cleared the presentation round had been voted by their respective class students as their acceptance of class representative is must for the smooth working of the class. The voting for students of class A had been conducted by Ms. Meenakshi Bhaskar and for the students of Class B voting had been taken care by Dr. Shweta S. Kulshrestha. Students really enjoyed the voting process and were happy to know that their vote counts a lot for any important decision taken for MBA class. The voting was conducted for the rest of the day till 5:00 PM.
Finally, the Class representative i.e. one boy and one girls from both the classes were selected on the votes given by the students of their respective classes will be declared on 14.11.2017. The students are eagerly excited and full of zeal to know the result. It was a great initiative and will surely leave positive sides on the part of students. We have elected Mr. Mayank Sharma and Ms. Shubhangi Joshi (Students of Class A) and Mr. Pratham Pandey and Ms. Reena Sinha (Students of class B) as the leaders for MBA batch 2017-19, yet to be declared to the students.
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