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Solving of Previous 5 Years’ Question Bank – April 17, 2017 onwards

As per the Academic Calendar of MBA 5 Years Question Bank solving exercise was taken up after completion of the syllabus of respective courses. Every faculty member did this exercise with active student participation in their respective subjects.

Best MBA college in Greater Noida

The questions were taken up rigorously, unit by unit and elaborated eloquently so that the students could understand the concepts and applications. As a result there was a quick brush-up and points were revisited.

Lecture on Handling Question Papers – April 19, 2017

As the End Semester Examinations are scheduled from the 2nd week of May , 2017 , a lecture on handling question papers was once again delivered to the MBA 1st year students. Earlier, during the session, a workshop was conducted by Dr. J. N. Giri on this topic. As a recapitulation of the said workshop , a lecture was delivered by
Dr. J. N. Giri this time.

In this lecture, the students were told the nuances of answering the questions starting with the words, ‘What’, ‘State’, ‘Define’, ‘Explain’, ‘Illustrate’, ‘Describe’, ‘Discuss’, ‘Examine’, ‘Critically Examine’, etc.

Industry Awareness Program (IAP) –  April 19, 2017

The fourth season of Industry Awareness Program (IAP) was organized for MBA 1st Year students on April 19, 2017. The sectors covered for this season of IAP included Banking , Automobile , Real Estate , Pharmaceuticals and Retail inter alia. It was conducted by Ms. Monika Makhija. There were 8 groups of 5 students each , the rest of the students participated in the Q & A session.

Top MBA college in Greater Noida

Each student group was given 15 minutes time for presentation. There were 10-15 slides in each presentation. It was an interactive as well as informative session for the students, giving them insights into the strategies of the currently fertile sectors.

Pre-University Examination (PUE)  –  April 24-27, 2017

Pre University Examination was held on April 24 , 25 , 26 and 27 , 2017 for MBA students to have feeling of the pulse of the End Semester University Examination. This examination is held as a preparatory exam in line with the University Examination Papers as the question papers are drafted exactly on the University pattern from the whole syllabus.

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The duration of the question paper was of 2 hrs. A total of 8 papers were administered in MBA 1st year and 10 papers (inclusive of specialisations) in MBA 2nd year. The exams were coordinated by Dr. S. V. Deshpande, the Controller of Examination-MBA.

Winding-up of Session  –  April 28, 2017

Finally , the even semester session came to an end on April 28 , 2017 after the completion of syllabus followed by solving of 5 years question papers and the Pre -University Examination. The session which had commenced on Monday , 9th January , 2017 , saw multifarious activities and events with active participation of students and faculty members both. Post-winding up of academic session, the students are undergoing the process of Summer Internship placements and thereafter they will go on preparatory leave, ahead of their University examinations.

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