With the onset of globalization, privatization, and liberalization – the onus for creating world-class management graduates has become increasingly important. The deliverables demanded from management institutes are – MBA’s who can succeed in an ever changing global village.

The four tier ranking system (Premier A+, A, B and C) has set the parameters for quality of faculty and students, infrastructure, placements, research, pedagogy interalia. Currently India churns out thousands of management graduates per annum and there are wide differentials. The rankings vary from outstanding to average.

With the fertility in the job market, the wheel has come a full circle with a lack of ‘employable’ candidates for varied jobs.

Management education attempts to offer the necessary tools to handle various business and management related issues successfully in a fast changing global economy. However certain vital issues need to be addressed before management education in India acquires an international presence.

Improving the management education processes and systems is an imperative by regulating student admission process through transparent and rigorous standards, increasing scholarship grants, adopting a global business outlook reflected in academics and research, developing the library as a comprehensive, contemporary and computerized knowledge resource center with round the clock availability, developing innovative and contemporary  pedagogy, aligning and creating synergy between industry and academia , keeping the course curriculum tuned with the ever evolving industry scenario, inviting distinguished faculty from b-schools across the globe in faculty exchange programs, inculcating a sense of social responsibility among students and faculty and initiating the national and international accreditation process. The future perspective would thus fructify with the said efforts, ensuring the sanctity of education per se thereby ensuring that the final product can stand its own in the face of global competition.

It is with a pulse on the future and complementary to India’s projection as an economic superpower that a paradigm shift is required to make management institutes more proactive, futuristic and holistic with a macro – outlook, parallel to domestic and global business & industry imperatives.

Sunil V. Deshpande

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