Digital Marketing Learning on the go

In the cut throat world of marketing, job advertisements on web portals get multiple responses. However, digital marketing requires an altogether different set of skills. Let’s have a look at what sets apart this unique breed of marketing professionals:
Profile– First, A sober looking employee is always welcome. Fancy hairstyles or clothes can create an identity of being innovative or adventurous but its best not to become branded. In a sentence, always try to keep it simple. Second, the way one sounds is also of the essence. Excellent command over English and the power to use synonyms, phrases, paraphrases, positive reinforcements as a part of daily vocabulary is a must. Third, comes out-of-the-box thinking, which is much vaunted in the profession. In this aspect lies the primary difference between digital and other forms of marketing. An activity once planned will provide inputs once the event is over whereas digital marketing furnishes a vast amount of information even while the campaign is progressing. Therein the need for thinking on one’s heels and the ability to process real time information is required. Gone are the days of old when marketing folks came with data weeks after the campaign. That said a generic marketing profile is no longer an option.
Domain– A digital marketer needs to have critical battle-ready visibility and connect with the entire value chain from source to consumption. Before one plans on becoming one, a SWOT analysis on core competencies and specialisation domain is essential.
Certifications– Google offers on its site six certifications namely — adwords fundamentals, search advertising, display advertising, video advertising, shopping advertising and mobile advertising. Additionally it also offers four courses in digital analytics, Google analytics platform principles, e commerce analytics and mobile app analytics fundamentals. The pass marks are 80 per cent and one needs to have all such certifications -it will entitle one to earn badges and use them on the CV for projecting a clear differentiation. The courses are free along with their learning videos and notes, and carry immense value being recognised throughout the digital marketing world. One must not go for fly by night operators offering paid courses, which do not carry any value.
Customer focus– A digital marketer gets feedback by the minute from customers as loads of data is generated. One’s role therefore becomes much more hands on after a marketing campaign is launched. Another critical piece of information received on the go is customer feedback and their reasons for the same. The digital marketer needs to actively connect within and outside the organisation to look at issues hampering customer experience by managing “Critical to Success” and “Critical to Quality” factors. Internal as well as external dependencies need to be understood and effective resolutions implemented for successful campaigns.
The profession entails a comprehensive and holistic approach to marketing efforts.
Furthermore not having an integrated digital marketing division in one’s company is an absolute disadvantage and will ensure that business loses millions in cash and value even though employees work hard. A digital marketer needs to have command over language, be a content writer himself, understand basics, use and impact web technology tools, have a creative thought process, function in an e-enabled environment, stay connected with evolving business practices and technological alternatives. Most importantly, one must possess a comprehensive understanding of the business he/she is representing in the e-world.

— The writer is Director, Mangalmay Group of Institutions, Greater Noida – Dr. Rushen Chahal

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