What are the highest paying jobs in computer science?

Computer Science is one of the vastest and fastest growing streams of engineering. It creates a lot of opportunities for the youngsters looking for having a bright and secure career with excellent salary. There are so many different job profiles you can look after completing your studies in Computer Science Engineering. The technology is getting advanced day by day; there is no lack of scopes and opportunities for professional Computer Engineers. If you are going to complete your studies in the recent future from Top CSE College in Delhi/NCR or any other institute of the country, here are some wonderful career options for you.

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Business Continuity Analyst:

Business Continuity Analysts are the disaster managers for various technology companies and organizations. They play a very critical role in recovering the lost data and resuming the normal operations just after a digital disaster or blackout. As a Business Continuity Analyst, you will have to analyze, research, and prepare the strategies keeping all the risks and possibilities of failure in mind. Recovering the lost data comes with huge chances of financial as well as data loss. If you have completed your CSE from one of the Best B. Tech College in Delhi/NCR and looking to get a decent salary by doing something very interesting, you should apply for the posts of Business Continuity Analyst.

Numerous leading companies and organizations are regularly looking for very talented and skilled Business Continuity Analysts with complete knowledge of information security and risk management. In starting, you can easily earn 50 to 60 lac per annum.

Computer and Information Scientist:

If you love researching different aspects of the computer, internet and other fields of IT, it is the best option for you. Computer and Information Scientists and Researchers develop solutions for the issues related to computer software and hardware. These researchers and scientists are considered as the minds behind all the updated security patches, antiviruses, and other very important aspects of engineering as well as business.

The Best CSE Placement College in Delhi/NCR, IIT Delhi provides direct placements to the talented and skilled CSE students. If you have a couple of years’ experience of working with a company as a Computer and Information Scientist, you have excellent chances of getting a very good job in various multinational security agencies and other engineering firms. You can earn somewhere around 45 to 52 lacs every year depending on your skills and experience.

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Data Modeler:

There is no lack of scopes for data modelers. As a data modeler, you will get the opportunities of working closely with architect teams developing logical, conceptual, and physical data models for the computers’ binary processes. Amity is the Best B. Tech College in Greater Noida and has been very successful to provide direct campus placements to the students as data modelers. Data modelers are known for devising the processes to separate huge data in systems to separate essential and redundant data to improve the transfer of data between two or more systems. If you have masters’ degree in CSE, you have great chances of working with top architect firms and earning around 38 to 50 lacs yearly.

System Software Engineers:

The 21st century is the century for software engineers. The revolution in the world of Information Technology has opened entirely new doors of opportunities for software engineers. Software engineers are in demand in every corner of the world. If you are pursuing your CSE degree from Best CSE Placement College in Delhi/NCR, IIT- Delhi, you have great chances of getting selected in top software developing companies. As a system software engineer, you will have to design, maintain, and test the software systems by applying the combination of theories and principles of computer science and mathematical analysis. You will get opportunities for working closely with experts from various IT departments. You at least need a bachelor degree in CSE to get a decent job with a salary package of around 35 to 45 lacs per annum.

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Network Security Administrator:

Network Security Administrators are very important parts of various IT departments. They are responsible for securing and maintaining the data and computer system within the organizations and firms. After completing your CSE studies from Top CSE College in Delhi/NCR and placed as a Network Security Administrator, you will have to perform various functions including installing, maintaining, and supporting different applications, systems, and servers. Besides, you will also get chances of performing project management, light programming, and training to fresher computer operators. After getting some experience, you can start doing something more advanced like planning for responding to the internal and external threats and service outages.

After pursuing your CSE degree, you will have to complete your training before getting appointed as a Network Security Administrator. Various institutes and organizations provide various training according to their requirements, priorities and company status. Networks Security Administrators having a CSE degree from the Best CSE Placement College in Delhi/NCR and training from various institutes are comfortably earning at the range of 30 to 40 yearly.

Computer Systems Analysts:

Computer Systems Analysts are specialist designers, installers, developers, and planners of the IT industry. They are always busy customizing the computer systems and hardware according to the requirements and demands in the world of information technology. They are the minds behind constant and continuous improvements and modifications in different models of computers and laptops. They work very closely with various experts from IT department including software engineers, network security specialists, programmers, and management specialists. They work together to make sure the maximum compatibility and functionality of the systems, hardware, and software. Amity University =, the Best B. Tech College in Greater Noida has produced so many Computer Engineers in recent times and helped them to get placements directly in top IT institutes and firms. As a Computer Systems Analyst, earning somewhere around 25 to 35 lacs yearly won’t be very difficult for you.

Systems Security Administrator:

As a System Security Administrator, you can get a very decent job at a good IT company. System Security Administrators design system structures, design and upgrade various software, maintain the security of the servers and keep an eye on the overseas server activities. They are also responsible for maintaining great value internet activities for various organizations and firms. They develop safe and secure payment gateways as well in addition to resolving technical issues and maximizing the network systems’ efficiency. As a System Security Administrator, you can have an excellent career and can easily earn 20 to 30 lacs per annum.

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The Conclusion:

Mangalmay Group Of Institutions, the Best CSE Placement College in Delhi NCR has successfully helped so many students to get places in various IT companies in the country as well as abroad. Computer Science Engineering is only going to get bigger and better with time.

If you are looking to have a great and secure career in the IT sector, you can choose any of the job mentioned above profiles. These are among the highest paying jobs for a computer engineer. Some other great options are IT Auditor, Professional Hackers, and Computer Programmers. It depends on your interest and skills. You can choose any one of these options to have a great earning career.