In today’s competitive environment, Management Education has become essential. Gone are the days when people pursued degree course and got into public sector. Now days people are looking for professional courses like MBA which can be their ticket to flourishing career ahead . People want to earn lots of money and are highly ambitious. Such dreams can be fulfilled easily by pursuing management education.

But the matter of concern is the price for such courses is generally very high. It is argued that  the price paid for getting a  MBA degree is reasonable or not. The common man find the fees of MBA program to be very high as in comparison to the other degree course.

But the question is whether the price of MBA is worth or not?

I would say YES, MBA is worth the price, if pursued from a good B School .

MBA pursued from good B School  gives a platform to the students to  have a high flying career , not only in India but abroad too. It provides them with various avenues of new learning and inculcates the quality of leadership and innovation amongst them. MBA equips an individual to handle all the business related issues. It will make the individual competent to contribute to the economy of the country.

The fees of the MBA program is worth the kind of career it fosters for an individual. By getting a non-professional Post Graduate degree, an individual might never be able to get such lucrative salary which the students get after MBA. The cost is recovered in just around 6 months of the job. But ahead there are so many options available for the student.

MBA opens many career options for the individual. It is a passport to his success story. The first option for him is the corporate world. The private sector offers various opportunities in various sectors like automobiles, pharmaceuticals, petrochemicals, textiles , cement , steel , FMCG , Consumer Durables , Reality and Construction , Heavy Vehicles , Chemicals , Paints and Foods & Beverages amongst others and in the services sector such as Banking , Financial Services , Hospitality , Healthcare , IT & ITES and Airlines

The public sector also provides career opportunities to the Management students such as as’ – ONGC, BHEL, NTPC and BPC amongst others.

Many of the MBA student opt to become entrepreneur. They establish their own businesses with innovative ideas. The revenue generated through self employment can even be better then job.

The success rate of MBA’s is much higher as in comparison to other course. It is a quick ladder to success which can change the life of an individual. . It’s just not a gateway to challenging career , but it changes the whole perspective of an individual. It boosts his confidence level and also makes him ready for the global economy. Every nation should foster MBA education to gain overall competitive edge. This will not only benefit the individuals, but the economy of the nation would also rise.

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