Is MBA necessary for good manager

Management education is an academic discipline by which students are taught to be great business leaders, managers etc in business education. Accredited MBA courses and business schools seek to prepare students for senior management roles in business. They do this by exposing you to all areas of business including accounting, finance, marketing and human resources and You’re a different person when you finish an MBA,” as rightly said by experts.

Manager is someone who is involved in ‘decision making’ for business, organizations, households and others as per long list .  when the decisions taken by a manager are successful in producing expected results, then that person can be called as a good manager. Master of Business Administration (MBA) is an academic program, which is offered to impart knowledge on how analysis of businesses across various areas should be done. But is it necessary to have a MBA background to be a successful is big question mark even when its completed from top MBA college in NCR.

Education is not a key to success all the time but having great ideas are. Having  right attitude and  great  idea’s can separate people from rest of the world. In present scenario, with every student planning to get into MBA, people have started believing that MBA is necessary to succeed in business which does not always holds true.

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Why MBA is necessary

  • Essential Ingredient

Management education is necessary because management is considered to be the backbone of a business economy . A management degree provides a holistic development of managerial skills through exposure to case studies, teaching, industry training, consultancy and research and interaction with industry leaders.  All these aspects in management education help students cultivate practical and efficient skill sets required in the industry .When management students enter the corporate arena, they are able to efficiently identify various issues and come out with the best possible solutions to tackle them through their multifaceted skill sets.

  • Management of Product and People

One of the most popular MBA course concepts for achieving your end-goal is to use the SMART format to outline your plan of action. Throughout an MBA, students focus on developing specific managerial skills such as leadership in practice and leadership, management and development. They learn how to resolve team conflicts, devise company strategies and manage human resources. MBA graduates do not just learn abstract theories and concepts though; they also learn how to apply these skills to real-life business situations.

MBA is important because every successful business man in the country should know how to manage both the “Product and People” in an efficient manner. Strong leadership qualities are recognized as crucial for directors and senior managers in modern business environments and an MBA gives its graduates yet another advantage over other candidates. It gives graduates the necessary skills and experience to become a business leader in almost any market area managing product and  people together. MBA degree can be taken from Best MBA college in NCR.

Corporate Honcho without MBA

History proves that management education or MBA is not necessary to be successful in business. Michael Dell, the founder of Dell, did not have a MBA degree, yet he succeeded due to his great business instincts. People like Dhirubai Ambani , Ratan Tata etc became business tycoons without going through a management education. One should have inner ability, clear goals, strong confidence level and concurrent thoughts. Instilling these skills within oneself, is the best way to succeed in this field.

Management is not about having bookish knowledge but about having the practical knowledge and how to apply it in our day to day working by managing ourselves in front of others. To become a successful business man, a person needs skills rather than a degree. MBA is assumed to equip sufficient knowledge to take decisions, but it never guarantees whether those decisions will prove fruitful. It will provide the talent required to become a manager, but good managers generally possess better attitude than talent (Best example- Mothers who manage households so efficiently).

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MBA – Must Build Attitude

A perennial problems with Indian population is that we start to quantify and measure how much knowledge one must possess to become successful in job rather than going for right talent and attitude. Oxford dictionary defines Talent as- Natural skill and Attitude as- A settled way of thinking or feeling about something. MBA can just make managers, good or bad lies in the hand of Individual with right or wrong attitude. People rush to build and measure the part which is natural (Talent) and forget the thoughtful part the (Attitude).

What is most important is understanding the relevance of  MBA degree in job market. The debate on MBA leading to the management path may continue forever, but we should  always  remember to pursue other type of  MBA– “Must Build Attitude”. There is no surety on whether skills leads to better thinking, but if one starts to develop ‘Thinking Skills” then it will be ideal recipe for a good manager.


Pursing an MBA degree or not is up to the choice of a person as additional qualification  is always a better option . Having an MBA degree can be useful at some time in your career, if you are aspiring to be a successful business man . It is not just a piece of paper but it carries a lot of value and significance. Today, most of the aspiring businesses people, pursue MBA as strong career support which can be done from best MBA college in Greater Noida.

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