Is MBA a rat race?

A rat race is analogous to rats in a maze that compete against one another to be the first to get the cheese. The cheese is a measly rewards, yet the rats continue to compete for this small prize. When one refers to the rat race, one envisions harried, unhappy people working for long hours for little pay and little recognition that is attached to two year (MBA ) program. Yet they continue to participate in the rat race to do MBA because their families unknowingly pressurize to some extent due to financial crunches who want them to get ahead financially.

The colloquial term refers to the competitiveness between employees for upward mobility in the job market or may have inner motivation to “beat” coworkers to the next promotion or pay raise. Unless one has a passion for the work they do (MBA) program which can be pursued from best MBA College in Delhi NCR, those in the rat race typically do not enjoy their jobs as the stress comes attached to it. To make it to managerial level, one need business skills. An MBA  , preferably from prestigious college will ensure a secure future one have been dreaming for due to alluring prospects of multinational jobs and multi-million dollar salaries.

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What makes it rat race?

Today lots of students are moving towards the field of management to get handsome salary. It promises happiness which is just around the corner for most professionals that have MBA diploma , as they earned double than their previous income. Unknowingly students enter into rat race for MBA program to make big money, as this has become shortcut to be rich by hook or crook just because our neighbours have made it.

People  with technical background being fresher do not get advantages of having high salary due  zero year of experience. Hence to sustain in environment  where knowledge of finance, management and organization behavior is  required for making  Big Money, students  indulge into MBA program  for fattier and juicer pay cheques. Most of CEO of FORBE 500 companies earned MBA degree from prestigious college in Delhi NCR and got richer faster than technical people with engineering background.

Hence the belief “will get chance to make entry into corporate sector job for managerial and administrative role with handsome salary increases straight up on the curve on acquiring an MBA degree”  signals the whole play to be part of rat race.

Rat race to MBA is race for Big Money

The MBA degree originated in the United States in the early 20th century when the country industrialized and companies sought scientific approaches to management. As the course welcomes students from every stream of academic, people indulge in to get the certificates without thinking twice before starting the MBA journey. All the streams like medicine, education, banks, law firm are dependent on managerial and administrative stands and hence key to these management posts are MBA degrees. The courses come with a heavy monetary amount to pay off which is also a factor to think about before taking a plunge into the rat race. This thinking keeps more and more students taking plunge into MBA program as course that can be pursued from top MBA College in Delhi NCR.

MBA not only provide handsome salary but makes you start to operate your own business. Right after you graduate with MBA degree from top name college it opens door to climb the ladder of success to become top corporate honcho. Thus today rat race to do MBA is not meant for educational purpose but to enhance their money making power. Students blindly follow the trend of MBA degree and rat race keeps  on including runners every year without realizing consequence which do not turn out to be good always.

MBA edge with Mangalmay

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