Doing an internship is very essential during studies, especially for a profession like engineering.

It is all about gaining knowledge from the theory and applying it in a practical way in your job. In order to do things practically, it is required to do it yourself to know the result of a task.

It is important to understand that engineering is all about developing designs and executing the idea on a project, theories too have an important role but being an engineer means that you have to be good at both the tasks.

Search for the Top Engineering Colleges in NCR as the best college brings out the best in you as far as engineering is concerned. Along with studies and gaining theoretical knowledge, it is important to gain the practical outlook as well because the companies out there will not hire you from the passing certificate that you hold, but the experience you hold over the years.

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Following are some of the reasons explaining why an internship workplace is so valuable as compared to the time devoted to college.


Let us assume you to, be a topper of your engineering college, getting an A+ grade in all subjects. You complete your B. tech. course from the best engineering college in Noida, performing mathematical calculations for your assignments, creating designs for some projects and do everything a student should do, yet you never grow as an engineer.

In order to resolutely deal with the problem, you need to understand why those calculations are being made in the first place, what are the downsides if you don’t get hired, you’ll need to look for a reason to fix this situation.

The solution to such a problem is the missing relevant experience that takes you back to join a company. It turns into a reason why you should join a company as an intern for at least a month and understand the process and gain your experience to become the best engineer in the world.

Reason #2: Understand the Value of Subjects

The best colleges in greater Noida offer various subjects that are practical oriented and not theoretical. The best colleges offer them to their students. Know the practicality of what they teach you in a particular subject. Few subjects like:

  • How to write a research paper
  • Maintaining logbooks for your projects and assignments
  • Learning statistics

You will be surprised to figure out that these subjects will add value to your practical experience while working in a company as an engineer.

Reason #3: Practicality Prevails

University assignments play a very big role in the throwing light to the practicality aspect of work. You might be studying in the top engineering college in NCR, where they will give you a project and complete freedom to think over it on your own as an engineer.

Only because you have wide thinking capacity and almost zero restrictions, you will create your design with every detail after proper research. In the same way, if the same project is given to you as a task in a professional company, you will have to think about the cost of the design, the materials, and fabrics that will be used to build that design, the amount of labor required, etc.

These are only some of the limiting factors, as soon as you start to think them through, that is when you know that you are growing as an engineer.

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Reason #4: Field Selection

As we know that engineering is a vast course with over 40 different types of fields to choose from. How will you know which one is best for you? The answer is by doing internships while completing your B. Tech. or M. Tech. courses. It is impractical to work in every field but work where you know you can do it. You must have the vision to follow, join as an intern where you think you will rise.

There is a lot of difference between what you are good at and what you enjoy doing. Find that difference for yourself by interning at different companies throughout your academic tenure and after that as well.

Doing this will shape your future as you would understand what you have to do and you will be best at it till the time you finish your studies and company offers will be lucky for your acceptance.

Reason #5: Networking is the KEY:

Networking is the key to success in the present times. While studying in the top engineering college, you will find many people. It is obvious to state that engineering is a group profession, a project that requires support. Interning at different companies will associate you with some of the brilliant minds in the field, making contacts will help you in some way, especially after you are graduated.

When people notice your passion and dedication in the field, they will appreciate it and notice it; this is what will bring you at the top of everything. Make contacts and understand the value of connections in professional life.

Engineering will accept “YOU”!

Going out there is important for you, face the practical world and you will understand what your college degree means. The above-mentioned tips will help you develop skills and understand how important internships are for your career.

To be listed first on every hiring list of the top companies, you have to have something in you and that something means practical knowledge and the skill to implement that knowledge in a project. Internships will make you ready for the world out there to enter a new world. In order to survive, you have to be the best at what you do!

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