integrated Course a Necessity

In the world of advancement in technology everyone is adopting more digital and app based life style. Anything we desire we can get online right from vegetables to property. People are working hard to achieve their best in the carrier and other aspects of life.

Satisfaction is something which has gone far behind the imagination. We want to achieve more and more in life, and on top of that others should know that we are happy. Very strange to realize that the criteria of a person’s happiness is being measured by others.

I went last week to meet one of my school friend in Bombay with my family. I was really excited as I was meeting her after around 15 years. We had lot of our school memories which we shared together as friend and wanted to discuss. It was raining heavily but in the night at around 10:30 she managed to meet me at marine drive after her husband finished his office. We went to a restaurant for dinner. My friend and her husband both are earning well and have only daughter.

After a small discussion I started asking about her daughter as to what she is doing. I came to know that she has joined a integrated course to compete for IIT (Engineering a dream come true). As my son also passed class 10 little I knew about these courses. In the discussion I came to know that in integrated course her daughter doesn’t go to school in any case ,and the school along with the coaching people had a tie up that all the syllabus required for class 12 would be done by coaching and assessment of the student will also be done by them. Schools agree to it as 1 or 2 of them will get selected in IIT and school will get brand name.

This made me think badly that what is the necessity of school or college if mushrooming of such centers are there, and difference between coaching and school. After all at both the places syllabus would be taught and studies will be done .Then why is coaching being understood as more efficient than school.

As a parent we want all our unfulfilled desires to be filled by our children, he or she should be able to become doctor, engineer, scientist or a civil servant. We are hardly thinking of the overall development of the child and the stress through which they pass to carry our demands. As both the parents are working money is no issue for them to pay to these heavily demanding centers after all everything they are doing is for their children only.

The school is something where not only meritorious students are there , but someone among them who becomes writer, artist ,sports person, fashion designer a lot more carrier for them to explore. Extra curricular activities and games being helpful for their personality. Fighting and taking care of friends bonds them in a thread. They learn something different also from peer group which is not possible when same kind of people are staying together (coaching centers). Are we intended to develop a money making machine which our kids we want them to turn out so that they are so called happy in life… and we elevated!!!!

I mean to say that like in many of these things there is no single way in which we can achieve it, but the area our kids are interested in is something that we have to understand as parents. This could be possible due to a lot of general discussion with the friends, teachers and parents over the years as a student at various levels and they will find some particular area that appeals to them. That develops interests in them.

And so, that is one way in which we can get a sense of an area that they would be interested in. So, there are multiple factors that influence what they may get interested in and what we should take into account. I would say fundamentally it is very important that we let them choose their carrier the way they want and school life not taken from their life.

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