India Japan economic cooperation:

Prime minister of Japan Mr Shinzo Abe is scheduled to start his India visit from 13th of September 2017 where he intend to enhance the strategic cooperation between India and Japan significantly including both economy and military sphere.

The prime minister of Japan has always emphasised the closer cooperation between Japan and India not just in economic terms but also have wanted to include the military expect,which has started showing its results on ground and future prospects also. With the coming of Prime Minister Narendra Modi this cooperation between both these countries have aimed to achieve higher grounds.

After the meteoric rise to rise of China and its aggressive expansion policy with the reluctance of United States of America to actively engage itself in Indo Pacific region there is a sense of urgency in both the capitals to deepen this strategic partnership.

While various economic engagements of Japan has been highlighted by various media outlets in India one of the most significant project to be discussed and launch is Asia Africa economic corridor to counter the Belt and Road initiative of China to prevent its total dominance in the economic sphere of Asia.

India has openly dissociated with the Belt and Road initiative of China publicly raising its disagreement over the policies adopted by it. While the opposition serves only limited purpose, one needs to provide the counter solution to be properly effective.

Why India is perhaps the only country in Asia¬† in position to counter China military and raising significant cost on it, but it doesn’t command the deep pockets the China has. That is where the Japan and India supplant each other while India has sufficient military muscle but Japan provides the economic heft behind it.

A detailed discussion regarding the various aspects of this relationship was discussed in the class of international business management in Mangalmay Institute of Technology and Management.

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