Introduction: Today we are living in the age of very fast communication where any sort of information reaches to all of us on swift pace and internet is playing a major role in this. The content of information is both good & ugly. Our youths in their prime age group of 18-22 is very badly affected by all these sort of bad & ugly information. In comparison to earlier time, today the young people are more or less live an isolated life and almost today we find them with their smart phones or laptops and do not share their grieves & sorrows with their families & friends and therefore we find them in desperation or emotionally a week person. And at this time these students fall prey to alcohol or drug abuse.

Today when maximum teenager students of age group of 17-19 years generally going out of their homes for their higher study and therefore becomes an easy targets for such ugly habits. Today In NCR or other metro cities in India where these young people choose to go for their higher studies we can easily find them in such addiction. Through this article we will put light on all the dimensions of drug addiction, its symptoms etc.

Drug addiction is a serious menace in modern society. Youngsters addicted to drugs create problems not only for themselves but also for everyone including their family members. Health gets affected in the long run and one faces serious psychological problems due to drug addiction.

Drug addiction is a serious problem in many countries including the US, where the government has to spend nearly 243.5 billion every year to help the youngsters in order to get rehabilitated.

Impact of drug addiction

Drug addiction does not happen all of a sudden in youngsters. In the beginning, youngsters take drugs to overcome stress and tension. Some youngsters take drugs due to peer pressure. Gradually, the desire to take drugs gets intensified in youngsters. Finally, the craving becomes so great that they become victims of drug addiction. Further, drug addiction also leads to violent behavior among youths.

The youths become so addicted that they cannot live without drugs. However hard they try, they find it difficult to come out of addiction. They are ready to do anything to acquire drugs. They indulge in acts of stealing and bribing to get drugs.

Some of the psychological effects of drug addiction are fear, confusion, hallucinations, paranoia, sleeplessness etc. Drug addiction takes the youths away from society, friends, family and well-wishers.

The major impact of drug addiction is the effect on brain. People addicted to drugs are not able to take any correct decision because their brain is totally affected. They are shunned by society and friends. If the society does not take any concrete decisions, the youths will become a menace to society.

Mothers transfer diseases to their kids because of drug addiction. Kids get diseases for no fault of theirs. Some children die very early due to diseases transmitted by their mothers. Some physical effects of drug addiction are:

1. Contraction of HIV
2. Heart attacks
3. Sleeplessness
4. Lung problems
5. Respiratory problems

Drug addiction is a serious problem that should be tackled without any delay by all of us, as it involves the lives of so many young people, who can shape the destiny of this world.

Conclusion : It is the prime duty of the parents, teachers and other stake holders to keep a watch on their dearer ones and closely watch for any noticeable change in behavior or any other symptoms mentioned above.

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