Retention Strategies

Career Development plan

To design a career development plan, managers identify future positions in the company taking into account factors such as expansion of business or retirement of senior managers, etc. The managers then match the job role with the skills and potentials of current employees to evaluate who best fits the bill. The managers then discuss the probable positions with the employees. While it is the responsibility of the HR department to implement this programme, the plan needs the support of all the departments and managers to ensure it is effective. A career development programme requires a long term organization plan, a well defined career path model, effective performance reviews, career counseling and training and development.

Employee Relations

It is the responsibility of the HR department to be a counselor, mentor and friend for every employee in the organization .In addition, the department should also act as a medium of ensuring effective communication and co-operation between management and employees. During a study, it was found Mangalmay Group of Institutions in Greater Noida is taking utmost care to develop good employee relations.

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With organizations increasingly choosing a flat structure, there are fewer managers and business employees to take more responsibility for their work. It has therefore become imperative to have effective communication flowing smoothly from top to bottom. Further, the top management should invest time in educating employees on business goals and how the company is moving towards them. The HR department, on the other hand, should explain to each employee, his role in the business and what is expected from him. This will instill a sense of security and belonging in each employee, which in turn works as a great motivator.

Exit Interviews

When an employee leave a company, the management should make it a practice to conduct an exit interview. The management should pay heed to the feedback received during the interview to determine the employee’s attitude towards the organization and suggestions for improvement. Sometimes, through an exit interview the management can pin – point wrong procedures or an ineffective manager. Top management should take serious efforts to correct the problems if any , which are causing the employee to leave.

In conclusion, to curb attrition, the organization should make earnest efforts to hone the skills of current employees, provide them with options for a secure future and try to develop in them a sense of trust which assures them that the management works for their best interest. This approach will guarantee the management the commitment and loyalty of the employees for many years to come.


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