How to achieve success on our own

In today’s world, the skills of grammar and syntax, reading, writing, speaking and body language are considered to be the primary skills which plays an important role in becoming the problem solvers, team players, leaders etc. further, we can say that problem solving and creative thinking skills are more valuable than any domain specific knowledge. The students these days are expected to acquire soft skills as these are demanded in most of the managerial and administrative positions. The right attitude and appropriate skills are the very basis of life. Moreover, our body language is as vital as our spoken words, as it reveals much about one’s characteristics. Therefore, it is the need of the hour that we should build our character and personality as educated and responsible citizens. It is very true that well groomed people have better opportunities in every aspect of life. So it is of great significance that we should learn how to groom ourselves, how to speak effectively and how to present ourselves in social life. There is always a good opportunity for young men and women of appropriate generic skills, not only in India but also at the world at large.

The charismatic world famous leaders like Abraham Lincoln, Mahatma Gandhi, Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru, Martin Luther King, Barak Obama, Narendra Modi etc. are considered to be highly effective communicators, creative thinkers and bold decision makers. All these qualities, if not present by birth, can be learnt by anybody as well as can be taught to a child from an early age by his parents and teachers, so that these capabilities become the part and parcel of our lifelong learning.

Every time we interact in our social life, some core sets of our values and skills come up in sharp relief. We can either possess these values and skills or we need to inculcate them in us. These generic skills are self awareness, empathy, effective communication, dealing with emotions, bold decision making, inter personal relationship and of course proper body language.

People always admire a person who is a good orator and carries an impressive body language. If the body language is poised and well cultivated, the personality of that person automatically becomes graceful. Life in school and college is the appropriate phase in our life, where we learn the art of dealing with people, getting command on communication skills, developing a positive attitude and grooming the body language. Hence one should try to inculcate all these simultaneously. It is therefore said that “Good and effective speaking is the key to all success in life” and is therefore a good Mantra in today’s neck to neck competitive world.

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