• Learning to prioritize while multi-tasking is the only way you will successfully navigate the bombardment of stimuli in business school. The work load is colossal and so are the opportunities to learn and enjoy yourself.
  • Students comes from a different professional, academic and cultural background, baselines vary wildly. The best way to measure your performance is to set a baseline for yourself and compare your progress against your own benchmark. This will help you realize that your growth as a student and as a person is enormous, which is its own reward.
  • Study smart by speaking to previous students who have completed the subject with the same lecturer as yours. Prior students have invaluable tips and tricks in surviving the term as they have the benefit of hindsight.
  • Do not neglect your fellow MBA’s as they will keep you sane. These are the people you probably see twice a week, probably more than most of your loved ones. They are the only ones that have first-hand understanding of what you’re going through and will look out for you, for example, keeping you updated when you miss a lecture.
  • Continue to do little things that make you happy. This could be going for a quick walk on your lunch breaking, buying flowers for the house every week
    Plan something to look forward to, whether it’s a holiday, a massage or a nice dinner. Having a reward to look forward to can keep you on track.
  • It’s all about self-discovery with a view to developing your skills and building a solid network. Every time you step outside your comfort zone, you expose yourself to a fresh wave of ideas and perspectives. It’s like hitting ‘refresh’ every single time.
  • It is easy to get overwhelmed by the sheer volume of information you have to process. But more than that, it’s the sheer number of new concepts you have to grasp and then use instantaneously.
  • A good tip is to remember that you don’t have to master every single new concept. You have signed up to get an understanding of business, acquire new tools and skills, and take your first steps towards becoming a leader.
  • When they sell an MBA program as an ‘immersive experience’, what they forget to mention is the enormity of the course work and the way they will blitz you with it. This can be devastating for many, who begin to experience serious self-doubt half-way through their first semester.
  • Once you do, you will realize there are others in the same boat as you and, no, no one will judge you for it. Since the curriculum is tough and parts of it are pretty technical, you could join a study group, where the members help each other study, depending on their strengths and weaknesses.
  • One should keep head down and keep moving forward. The MBA program is a great way to discover your hidden strengths.

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