In the study of business organization, finance is said to be the lifeblood of firm, without the smooth running in the vain of the firm of which, the whole operation comes to the halt. Extending the argument it is equally valid for average man or woman on the street also.

From cradle till death, every aspect of an individual is heavily dependent on the availability of monetary source a person has access to, on which the quality of his / her life experience depends from worst to best.

Despite the unambiguous  importance of Finance it has been observed that is that the aspect of financial literacy among the masses are largely missing which results in the losses for an individual ranging from being unknowingly paying higher interest on loan taken from Bank to incurring  the avoidable losses from investments  gone bad.

A person well versed in the nitty gritty of finance not only can properly manage and improve his own personal wealth by utilizing this, he can prove himself to be an asset for organization he is employed with besides paving an obviously  fascinating door for employment.

Here comes the role of formal training in the finance. In this regard Mangalmay Institute provides a great avenue with more than the decade of experience in the field of finance as subject in one of the most prominent courses being run by it; that is MBA, where it prepared the students to handle every aspect of finance with the help of highly dedicated and well trained facilities drawn from the premier Institutions of India.


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