Experiential Learning through Management

When you are at the workplace you have to make a number of critical decisions, deal with situations and tackle problems. If you make mistakes they may prove to be costly.

‘Simulation’ means to imitate i.e. The situation of the workplace is recreated in the training program and the trainees participate in simulation exercises as if they are really at the workplace. In addition they hone their skills, so that when it comes to the real thing, the approach is flawless.

Simulation exercises have also been traditionally been used in the military. Simulation exercises exist for children also.  A large number of simulations exist online and are used to train managers and student managers.

Let us discuss some management simulations and games nomenclature  business simulations , role plays and management games  , which are conducted at Mangalmay  Institute of Management & Technology , Greater Noida as a part of the student – manager socialization.

Business Simulation games involves recreating the scenario in terms of problems , issues and situations faced by an organization, maybe , functionally – marketing , finance , human resource , production , with continuous updates ,say , from a fictious  stock exchange. The participant CEO in consultation with this team for the business simulation exercise has to take the overall decisions effecting the entire organization. The team which make the maximum profit is the winner. (a symbol of competition in the marketplace).

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A role play is to enact a role, say of a sales manager, human resource manager, counsellor, supervisor or a customer relations executive amongst others. A situation is given. When there is a dyadic or group interaction, the participant reacts and the assessors assess where the participant went right and where he/she went wrong. Skills such as communication, conflict resolution, team work, assertiveness, tact, empathy, and creativity are often learnt.

Management Games is an act of learning by doing, wherein behavioural and soft skills are learnt by participants. The theory is supplemented by games which imbibe the management skills. Through management games skills such as time management, team work, problem solving, collaboration, out-of-the-box thinking inter alia. The games are made lucid and interesting so that participants may enjoy them and most importantly imbibe management skills.

Mangalmay Institute of Management & Technology, Greater Noida conducts regular simulations and management games in the MBA as well as BBA program and reinforces the motto “I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.”

 Sunil V. Deshpande

Dept. Of Management Studies


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