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Over the last two decades technology has grown at a tremendously fast rate and continues to progress rapidly. Today’s children are presented with technology at a young age, they essentially do not know a world that is not electronically connected or without digital gadgets.

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Today computers are serious teaching tools. Many of today’s products, both hardware and software, are designed for both fun and learning which creates a terrific dynamic and excites kids to learn this can be valuable in terms of developmental learning. Technology provides children with tools they can utilize to solve problems and find information, thus giving them a solid ability to learn independently because study materials are available on internet like e books, Virtual labs and many more. No one can deny the positive effects of mobile phones also. They have not only given us the power to talk wirelessly, but also provided us with much highly usable features like taking pictures and videos, listening to music, playing games, and much more. Keeping the entertainment part in mind, all the mobile manufacturing companies like Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, Motorola etc, have brought some powerful gadgets into the competitive market. In the upcoming time Children will be the leaders of tomorrow because the technology provides the foundation for children to plan and progress.

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But for every good thing there has to be a bad thing also and electronic gadgets too are having a darker side. With the increasing use of Mobile phones people (including children) are fast becoming self centric, irresponsible, selfish & disrespectful and therefore causing the numerous problems in society. One latest report suggests that maximum cases turning out to psychiatrists are related to excessive use of electronic gadgets which cause the problems like insomnia, lack of concentration, mental disorder etc.admissionsSocial media platforms viz. Face book,  whatsapp, twitter etc. are considered to be best platforms for people to people contacts without any boundary or limits and also used   to voice your concerns directly to the authorities with it , but now a day’s  these  social media  platforms are  fast becoming tools in the hands of some of the elements who want to run their own agenda (sometimes it turns into antinational , anti-society, hatred, inflammatory   also ) and people in their ignorance got TRAPPED into it and later faces the legal problems.

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Third most negative impact of use of electronic gadgets is the production of e-waste. India is 5th largest producer of e-waste in the world and the computers related e-waste contributes 70% of it and mobile contributes 12% .So if we do not address this problem at serious level this will turn into a biggest monster.

Conclusion: As mentioned above for every good thing there has to be a bad thing and this is true for electronics goods also, if we use these gadgets with right frame of mind these are the boons otherwise they are the monsters and one day will eat all of us.

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